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06 Nov 2014

I've been a proud owner of several phones which includes several Nokia phones which is either lost from the pockpockters or with my carelessness. It's hard to think that I've been a careless little girl for losing mobile phones along the way, as I lost a number of phones all my life.

The recent one that I lost is among the gorgeous android phones that I have ever seen. Good thing it came from a local manufacturer, for I got it for the ideal price, given its amazing technical specs. Sadly, it was lost with the hands of the pickpocketers, and I can't help but to cry because of the pictures saved from my mobile phone.

But good to hear that Metrodeal features a Nokia Asha 210 dual sim phone is now available for only P2, 399 pesos. I've heard a lot about Nokia's line of Asha phones and i have been curious on what a windows phone offers to me. Ever since I worked, I've been a fan of both iPhone and Android phones because of its function and style, and its features never does not disappoint me. Added to that are the gaming apps and other applications which can be undeniably useful for everyday use. I just hope that this kind of windows phone never disappoints me.

Somehow, i'm amazed on the actual Nokia Asha 210 itself. The actual keypads reminds me of the former Blackberry and Samsung mobile phone, and it's more faster as compared to my former mobile handles. Good to learn That MetroDeal sells this on their website for 40% off, and i'm now very sure that I'll be having it.

Looking forward to have this phone soon! I Appreciate it Metrodeal for this amazing promo!: D

For more Review and testimonials, check out the article here:


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