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09 Jun 2015

I had this crazy craving for honest to goodness Ravioli for around a few weeks. It's not for the standard thing stuff that can without a lot of a stretch be enlightened by those canned or stuffed collection you'd get off the essential supply resigns. Undoubtedly, it worked out that my inbox would pass on my salvation. 

I perceived the course of action when I took a gander at the announcement I got from Metrodeal. The name of the diner stood out enough to be noticed clearly -Bistro Ravioli. 50% off on P1000 worth of phenomenal Italian sustenance and drinks! I chase down some Metrodeal Reviews since I'm not familiar with the spot yet and I managed to find two or three online and they endorse it. Adequately induced, I obtained the plan quickly. 

I picked to visit the Glorietta 3 Branch to finally fulfill my yearnings for Ravioli with my cousin. The inquisitive little resto looks really agreeable and the sustenance did not baffle. The Spinach and Feta Cheese Ravioli in Pesto Sauce was essentially divine! My cousin worshipped her Mushroom Mozzarella Ravioli and we both acknowledged the Quattro Formaggi Pizza we granted to much vitality. We furthermore had Choco Lava for treat. 

Nothing beats acknowledging awesome food with exceptional dialogs so we're getting the game plan again before it closes!

For more Metrodeal Reviews and other information, just visit:


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