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03 Jul 2015

What happens when you get two of your most cherished at risk delights in one swoop? Faultless bliss clearly! That is the way it felt with every snack of this delightful Ice Cream Sandwich from Cookie Dream. It was the regular hohumm morning when I considered skimming online for anything fascinating and I certainly found one at Metrodeal! 42% off on Ice Cream Sandwich at Cookie Dream Mall of Asia! Steady cost is PhP118 each for these extraordinary treats and I got them for just PhP69! 

I didn't even need to think about it, I procured a couple of vouchers instantly. That is to say, by what means would you have the capacity to 
maybe turn out gravely with a blend like that?! I dragged my sister to MOA by the weekend to hang 
out and use my vouchers. 

With all the brilliant choices, we decided to each have 2 of these splendid pastry treat 
sandwiches. I so venerated how you find the opportunity to modify it! I had Peanut Butter Cookies with Salted Caramel Ice Cream with Rice Crispies trimmings and Choco Chip Cookies with Mint Ice Cream and Marshmallow trims. Yes, it was in actuality a trap day! My sister had Red Velvet Cookies with her most cherished Pistachio Sweet and Marshmallow embellishments, and Double Choco Cookies with Cream Cheese Ice Cream and Almond trims. The trimmings were not bit of the group, yet rather for additional PhP20 per topping, I can't make any Metrodeal protestation on this; in any case I got a truly OK regard. 

It didn't astound. Not at all! My sweet tooth was everlastingly grateful for the strengths that be that made 
me see this sweet offer from Metrodeal.

For more about Metrodeal complaints, reviews and much more, check out this link:


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