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28 Feb 2013
Nagsasa Cove is one of the a lot of coves which can be getting discovered in Zambales right now. The most renowned of these coves could be the Anawangin. What brought me there was the MetroDeal voucher I bought months ago. I actually bought it on a whim, considering that the location could possibly not truly look just like the one particular on the photos. I was incorrect. In truth, Nagsasa Cove was substantially far more wonderful in individual than in the photographs. Surrounded by lush green mountains as well as the seashore lined with pine-like Agoho trees, the location looks like a setting from some other country. Everything provides off a calm aura that is definitely fantastic for relaxation. I was so enthralled by its beauty that I almost did not understand that I've currently filled a quarter of my camera's 4GB memory card. When I got there, the first thing I noticed was there have been the tents. As an alternative to sleeping in cottages, vacationers are given a one-of-a-kind encounter of camping within the tents along the beach. Our guide, who introduced himself as one from the native Aetas, mentioned that they wanted to preserve the beauty of Nagsasa as significantly as you can thats why they had restricted their building to the smaller huts and homes that they live in.

Due to the fact it was currently late, our guide informed us that the tour for Campones and Camara Islands might be held the following day.

The evening at Nagsasa was magical. With no the glaring city lights blocking your view, guests are offered a clear view in the stars as well as the moon at night. There were countless stars that evening however we only get to find out a handful of of them at the city. And at times, not at all. Getting there at Nagsasa made me feel that I was close to Mother Nature herself, and made me understand that we humans are really a part of this massive cosmos of life.

I felt sad that I had to leave Nagsasa the following day, but my sadness seemed to drift away as we began our island hopping tour.

Our 1st quit was Camara Island. Several of the vacationers who had been with us felt disappointed because Camara is mainly a beach filled with big rock formations. There wasn't even a single tree to take shade in because the sun was beginning to bear down on us. But if you try to appear at it from a different point of view, Camara Island offers the most beneficial view from the surrounding islands. The rock formations also produced me think about what happened to Zambales about a couple of decades back when Mt. Pinatubo erupted. Could these rocks have already been one particular of those thrown from the volcano itself?

Our next quit was Campones Island. Right here is exactly where you get started to hear the 'oohs' and 'aahs' of the other tourists, especially the foreign ones. In contrast to Camara, there is certainly life and vegetation in Campones. There were parts with the beach that were rocky even though. However the star from the island is definitely the lighthouse. Constructed sometime for the duration of the Spanish era, it nevertheless stands functional these days thanks to the installed solar panels that power it. Even though the tower stands proud and tall, the building adjacent to it lay crumbling into ruins. I was pondering this must be where the caretakers from the towers, most likely Spanish soldiers, made use of to camp.

For the whole 2-day/1-night tour, you'd generally shell out around Php three,000. That is excluding the trips to Campones and Camara Islands, which, in my truthful opinion, is one of the most effective add-ons within the tour. But as a result of my MetroDeal voucher, I only paid Php 999. My only regret was that I wasn't in a position to bring some pals with me on the trip. In particular the photographers who may have a field day on all 3 venues. When I got dwelling and posted the photographs on Facebook, they were all complaining at why I didn't invite them. I promised them that the next time MetroDeal releases the voucher once again, I will obtain 1 for every single of them and we'll go there collectively.

27 Feb 2013
Mom's birthday was in two weeks and I nevertheless had no idea what to get her. My siblings will likely get a book from her favorite author or prepare her favorite foods. I wanted my present to be distinct from all of them. I was considering of a present that could remind her not just of me, but of my siblings and also the rest on the household as well. Anything she can normally look back. Something with images... of us when we had been babies and as we have been increasing up. Something like... a photo book!

Photobooks are like an evolved version on the old photo albums. Traditionally, you have the pictures from film printed on photopaper then stick it inside the photo album. With photobooks, digital version on the images are collected and printed on person pages, that will be later bound in a book. Anything from the layout as much as the design and style of every page may be customized, and all of those will likely be performed digitally on a laptop or computer. No extra buying scrapbook components or having your fingers burned using the glue gun. As well as the final product? A one of a kind storybook filled with clear photos and vivid memories. Ideal gift thought.

I grabbed the MetroDeal voucher which entitled me to a 75% discount off to get a 40-page photobook and downloaded the Photobook Designer. Now all I have to accomplish is place the photos in. That is where the majority of the grunt operate happened. Most of our childhood photos have been taken on film, so I had to discover, scan, and edit each one particular individually. Discovering them was a bit uncomplicated because Mom kept them in photo albums. It was the editing that had me up all night. Within the end even though, my laziness kicked in, so as an alternative to enhancing our old images, I just turned them all to sepia and threw them inside the layout. Piece of tips: strategy ahead what photographs you need to put in and at exactly what web page you envision it to become. Saves a complete large amount of time. Also, preparing ahead guarantees that you don't overpopulate the photobook (guilty). I had to remind myself that I only availed for the 40-page photobook when choosing out which photographs and/or pages to take away.

Immediately after that, I clicked checkout, place my MetroDeal voucher code in, and... boom! Transaction full!

And 5 days later, right here it's! Mom's photobook featuring her photographs as a teenager, her wedding picture, and needless to say, before and following photographs of me and my siblings! It was only halfway through the wrapping process that I realized I wasn't able to take a image of it very first. I will just take pictures of it after I give it to Mom.

So should you were as stumped as I was on what to give your mom for her birthday, Mother's day, or any other specific occasion, try giving a photobook. It's a personal and unique present that you can afford.

22 Feb 2013
I've often experienced issues with pimples due to the fact I've strike puberty. And things only obtained worst once i got transferred to the evening change at function. Each day I've to be sure I put on make-up in order that individuals usually do not see the blemishes on my encounter.

It's no shock why I envy my other woman office mates who've clean and blemish totally free faces they barely need to have any make-up in the slightest degree. One of my office mates noticed how much makeup I apply on my confront and she or he discovered about my mystery. She explained to me that there's definitely nothing to worry about, considering that acne breakouts troubles are mostly as a result of changing hormone levels in women. She stated that ahead of, she had the identical skin issues as I do, but right after many classes of Diamond Peel Facials backed with some natural beauty merchandise, she regained the distinct skin she had ahead of.

I read about facials prior to, but I had no notion that this could support distinct up my pores and skin. She recommended that i attempt the Diamond Peel facial at Rederm Clinic where she consistently gets her treatments.

So 1 time she went for her treatment, I went along with her. But following I noticed the value and learned how many classes I could need to obvious my facial area, I backed out. I decided to verify out other derm clinics close by but the costs were fairly the same. My price range was pretty limited and that i cannot afford to pay for greater than one particular session.

But as we have been about to depart, I observed the other consumer introduced a chunk of paper towards the counter collectively together with her ID, then later on, she was escorted within the clinic. I glanced the paper and observed that it absolutely was a voucher for that clinic. I couldn't think it when i observed that she experienced saved about 50% just by utilizing it. I quickly requested the employees where I could receive the stated voucher and he or she told me about MetroDeal.

I required to learn more about how I can get the voucher so I went on the internet and searched for MetroDeal. To my luck, they'd vouchers for Rederm Clinic's Diamond Peel facial, and for less than P199 per session! Now that's a deal I am able to pay for, even as much as 10 sessions!

I've currently began my facial sessions this late January and I'll be obtaining my 3rd session this coming March. I am able to currently feel the changes coming right now. Final time I checked, MetroDeal even have other elegance deals up for grabs. Your favored splendor clinic may possibly be the 1 running the promo and that means you better check it out and save around the bargains like me.

21 Feb 2013
We typically visit Cebu to commit the holidays with my dad and this Christmas was not going to be any distinct. The little ones just like spending time with our relatives which can be ordinarily carried out around the beach. But while I was browsing my e mail I saw this exclusive deal from MetroDeal and believed perhaps its about time we changed our usual holiday itenerary.

The deal was for a 3-day, 2-nights keep within the Crown Regency Hotel and Resort. How much? Only Php6,999 for two persons! The most effective point about it was that youngsters 12 years old and beneath get in absolutely free! I was afraid that we have to leave them at dad's residence with their cousins!

We departed for Cebu a week ahead of Christmas and my dad picked us up from the airport. We headed straight towards the hotel exactly where the little ones went crazy hunting around and touching every little thing. It was their 1st time for you to be within a hotel soon after all. What got them even more pumped up was the SkyWalk and Edge Coaster in the 38th floor. I honestly did not want the kids trying out the Sky Expertise Adventure but my husband insisted and even offered to accompany them. I agreed, only mainly because he was paying for it. The deal basically consists of a single round of Sky Stroll or Edge Coaster for two individuals, but given that the kids had been too brief for the Edge Coaster, the employees recommended that they take the Sky Walk instead. Scared as I was, I didn't let them have each of the exciting. Dad and I took the Edge Coaster. At first I was truly scared as they started to reduce one particular end with the seat until we are diagonally inclined. But because the ride went on I started to appreciate the view additional and much more that when we completed, I was in fact considering of riding it once more.

Soon after all that activity, the youngsters had been of course, hungry. The deal included a Dinner Buffet and also the children enjoyed obtaining to choose out their very own meals and consuming them. Unlike some buffet restaurants we've been to before, the meals in the Crown Regency was great! I could hardly think that my youngest daughter, who's a picky eater, even asked for seconds!

They had so much exciting on the first day that by the time we got back to our area they barely had any power left. All three fell asleep inside the middle of watching cartoons on Tv.

For our second day, we decided not to deviate our annual tradition and went towards the 17th floor for a swim. Even though they have been in the pool, me and my eldest daughter went to the spa to get a tiny mom and daughter bonding time. Then within the afternoon, Dad took us to a guitar factory owned by his very best pal. My husband, who is an avid guitar player, got into an thrilling discussion together with the owner about guitars and performed a mini-concert for all of us. The owner had enjoyed the efficiency so much he decided to give the guitar to my husband!

Time flew by so fast that it wasn't long till we realized we had reached the final day of our remain inside the hotel. Actually our practical experience in the Crown Regency was some thing we are going to by no means neglect. Even Dad had complimented me on getting a genuinely wonderful price for the hotel accomodation. I am genuinely glad that I am subscribed to MetroDeal since I've saved quite a bit of money with their exclusive deals. Thank you pretty considerably for this one-of-a kind encounter and more power to MetroDeal!

06 Feb 2013

I’m engaged and getting married on January and I've got a tiny dilemma about my fats. I dreamed of being slim when my bridal gown arrives so I tried several things to reach my goal weight before my wedding. I was aiming 85lbs. before Christmas! I went to the gym twice a week, jog during weekends, undergone after six diet routine and took some slimming pills. Unfortunately, nothing happened. I'm so frustrated then that I wished to take liposuction and go to Belo Medical Clinic until I read this promo from Metrodeal. (

This really is my last and final attempt of getting slimmer, I told myself. I searched for other reviews regarding Metrodeal ( first and that i have discovered very dissimilar sides. Some were good and some were bad. I think how I will possibly have in mind the truth behind this Metrodeal scam if I won’t try it myself. I need to be careful since there are articles originating from some other clients that they weren’t delighted by the assistance and some mentioned it absolutely was a large scam. So luckily, I have tried this inexpensive yet so convincing promo which is Lipo Cavitation Treatment for only P99 rather than P3000, what about that?

I phoned the slimming centre and asked if they are really connected with Metrodeal, then they approved. Meanwhile, I clicked on the “Buy Now” button and called again the slimming centre for reservation. It turned out to be a completely a non-surgical procedure and yes it was done by medical professionals. I had been advised to return for five more sessions for best results. The professional staffs from 808 Derma & Slimming Centre were too accommodating. They helped me understand the procedure these folks were doing inside my body, on what I will keep a healthy life style after the treatment and they also send much positive vibes through and through.

I was happy with my first session. I have to admit, visiting the slimming centre was indeed my last and final attempt of getting slimmer because after the 5th session, I reached the extra weight I was aiming. Totally, Personally i think awesome! Have a look at my before and after photo, you can really start to see the difference and exactly how much I have changed. I've finally gained back my confidence and I am really contented of my body at this time. On January, I will be a contented, sexy and delightful bride, definitely! Because of Metrodeal ( and 808 Derma & Slimming Centre!

04 Feb 2013

I'm a marketing officer of an American company in Ortigas, another part time baker on weekends, I accept orders for fondant cakes and cupcakes for several occasions and i'm a full time mom for my 2 kids. With my hectic schedule, I'm having a difficult time dealing with my loved ones. It’s my wish to have time for my children, and i also wanted to experience a simple vacation in my Birthday. It wasn’t so easy to organize a Birthday celebration for myself. However I wanted to celebrate it with my children and then we could at least bond for a long time and indulge ourselves on the luxury we deserve.

I've decided to book a resort in the beautiful place in Batangas called, Puntha Fuego. My loved ones, together with my parents and my younger sister, enjoyed our stop at Club Puntha Fuego last November 26-28. We'd so much fun and we were pleased with the rooms along with the hotel’s services and facilities. I knew we’ll planning to enjoy every minute of our trip. Because of Metrodeal (, they have provided me hot deals about this Puntha Fuego getaway!

It wasn’t that hard to avail vouchers, in fact it was one click away.

I simply need to call and confirm Indochina Strings Travel Agency at 462-6000. I asked if they're actually accepting vouchers from Metrodeal (, and they confirmed. I simply press the “Buy Now” button and purchased 7 vouchers for my family. It only costs P10,493 instead of P30,800! Imagine the awesome discount we received!

Here's where we stop at Puntha Fuego!

We enjoyed the reduced price of massage services. They gave us a sweet amount of 15% discount on massages. My parents and I tried the most common “Hilot” massage. It was divine! I was so lucky and contented of the place as well as the services Puntha Fuego has offered us. Our stay was memorable and the kids truly had fun in the beach along with the swimming pool in the resort. It was an outstanding holiday for us! I am so happy We've allotted time on preparing such simple yet memorable and affordable Birthday treat to myself! Thanks MetroDeal! (