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30 Mar 2013
Now I know why Palawan was named the “Final Frontier”.

It was our initially out-of-town trip because me and my fiance got engaged and we’re definitely excited simply because El Nido has been our dream trip spot ever considering the fact that. To prepare for the trip, we researched on a number of options, from airfare to travel agencies, and so on. Ultimately, we saw the El Nido Adventure deal in the MetroDeal website. In comparison to other prices, their package included the airfare as well because the accommodation and food. Island hopping tour was also incorporated. We decided to have this deal considering the fact that it costs significantly less (concerning the half of your usual package prices).

The trip from Manila to El Nido took about six hours and we have been so tired that we stayed the rest of your day at Casa Cecilia Hotel. It wasn’t long until we located out that tours in El Nido is “all water”. On our second day, we headed to the beach for our island hopping tour. There are 4 regular tours, each focusing on a different set of islands, beaches, lagoons, and so forth. Our guide recommended that we take Tour A since this really is the most preferred specially to snorkelers. And I soon realized why.

Our initially quit was the Major and Little lagoons located in Miniloc Island. There have been a whole lot of corals and fishes that its suggested to put on swimming shoes. But it's important to be cautious and tolerable, because the fishes in the Modest lagoon like to bite at guests to protect their homes. We also saw quite a few sea urchins close to the shore in the Significant lagoon.

Immediately after these two lagoons, we headed for the Secret Lagoon. What makes it intriguing is that to enter the lagoon, you should squeeze through a small hole on the mountain. The hole is major adequate for one individual and there is certainly hardly any space to move in for those who choose to go backwards, so the only way in and out of it truly is to offer method to each other. It was practically noon so it was rather crowded inside currently. We only stayed lengthy adequate to take some photographs with the underwater life and headed for the Shimizu Island.

We had our lunch on Shimizu Island. The boatman was in charge of preparing it and I was impressed at how delicious the meals was cooked. We also had fresh coconut juice to drink it all down.

Our last cease was the Seven Commandos Island. We snorkeled for the final time and had a few rounds at beach volleyball just before calling it per day.

We seriously had a good deal of entertaining in El Nido even though there were a great deal of tourists. I suggest that you go there when its not in peak season to become able to take pleasure in a lot more in the scenery without the need of feeling too pressured to move on. And to save on your costs, it helps to study on bargains like the 1 we found on .

Next time, we’ll try out the other Island Hopping Tours. Till we meet again, El Nido!

26 Mar 2013

As their summer time trip officially started last Saturday, we decided its about time we make use from the MetroDeal voucher we availed last year. It was for an overnight keep in the Canyon Woods in Batangas which I got for P2,999. I originally wanted this to be our Valentine's Day getaway together with the kids. Unfortunately, I had to be at a meeting in Tagaytay through that weekend and I won't be able to join them so we chose to cancel it. This time about though, our weekends had been free of charge, and because school is now out, the youngsters have all of the time for you to appreciate devoid of considering schoolwork.

I've by no means been to Canyon Woods just before, and I heard mixed evaluations for it on numerous blogs here within the Web. But right after reading a evaluation from my former workplace mate and consulting my husband, I decided to offer it a go. And I'm glad that we did.

The first thing we noticed was how beautiful it was. The spot was covered with lush greenery in the kind of trees, vines, and flowering shrubs. That afternoon, we decided to take a dip at their pool. Even though it was a weekend, there were hardly visitors around so it truly felt like we had the whole resort exclusively to ourselves.

Following the pool, we decided to order dinner by space service. Given that there was only one shuttle going around the resort, we had currently anticipated the meals to run a bit late. It was a fantastic issue we had ordered early too, since by the time the meals arrived, we have been already hungry.

Early within the morning, even though the kids have been nonetheless asleep,we decided to perform a little of brisk walking while searching around the perimeter. We discovered out that there have been still lots a lot more to see and explore in Canyon Woods but sadly, we did not have that much time. As our shuttle service came to take us away, I take 1 final appear at Canyon Woods. I'd certainly go back here.

This was a single MetroDeal experience I will never overlook.

13 Mar 2013

Chocolate utilised to become exclusively under the food category. We eat chocolate to really feel fantastic. We add it to our recipes to provide it a distinct flavor. Chocolate is also incorporated in beauty items as an eye-catching scent in lotions and creams.But not too long ago, chocolate has discovered new use inside the beauty category due to spas. Chocolate just isn't just included within the therapy as a scent, but as a principal ingredient itself.

Why chocolate? Chocolate contains theobromine, that is believed to make a slimming effect on the body. This is why spa remedies that use chocolate is often sought immediately after by individuals who would like to shed some weight. Chocolate also has other minerals that offers off a calming effect to the physique and minimize pressure.

I’ve study about chocolate becoming made use of in physique scrubs and foot spas before, but I haven’t heard of a nearby shop that offers this service. Immediately after searching the net, I saw this present to get a Footilicious Chocolate Foot Spa at F Salon in MetroDeal. Apart from the use of chocolate inside the foot spa therapy, what convinced me most was the cost. For this deal, I only paid Php 99, which is lower in comparison with the typical Foot Spa prices of neighborhood salons which begin at Php 120.

Following presenting my MetroDeal voucher, I was result in my chair and asked to wait for my attendant as they prepare for my foot spa. I didn’t have to wait extended till the smell of chocolate started to drift in to the space. I could hardly tell which with the creams and powders applied to my feet had been actually chocolate except for the scrub and also the chocolate foot mask, which definitely looked and smelled strongly of chocolate.

The remedy had left my feet feeling light and smelling of chocolate. It’s such a shame that I didn’t get more for the reason that I’d absolutely want to go back and possess the same remedy subsequent month.

12 Mar 2013

I still keep in mind my initially Valentines Day date with my husband back in 2002. We have been at SM Megamall and he asked me to ice skate with him. It was the first time for both of us and we had extra memories of falling down than of being able to skate. It was not the last a single even though. We skated much more soon after that, till we finally settled down and had a loved ones of our personal.

We got truly sad when the skating rink closed down about 2009 since we had many memories there. We have been told that there is certainly also a skating rink within the lately built SM Mall of Asia in Pasay. But considering the fact that it was farther from our residence than Megamall, we seldom had the likelihood to go there, especially to ice skate.

To my surprise, my husband has been preparing that we spend our 7th Anniversary at the MOA Ice Skating rink. He gave me a card with two MetroDeal vouchers in it, and just like how he did 11 years ago, he asked me if we could go out on a date. He was even wearing the identical shirt! Not surprisingly, who am I to refuse his give?

It’s currently been years given that I final stepped on ice and it took me awhile to balance myself on skates once again. My husband even though, began off gradually, but was later skimming the rink as we utilised to. After I regained my balance and remembered the actions, I began to skate alongside him. We’re not ice skating pros, but we understand that persons are staring at us as we started to perform as a great deal moves together as we can remember. We even got an applause right after our mini-performance!

Thank you, MetroDeal plus the SM Ice Skating Rink in Mall of Asia for bringing back the excellent memories of ice skating to us.

09 Mar 2013

My boyfriend and I planned to visit Boracay to celebrate our 3rd anniversary. We have not made any final plans however when my officemate sent me this MetroDeal hyperlink to a voucher to get a hotel in Boracay. The voucher was actually convincing since for three days and 2 nights in La Oviedo Beach Resort, we'll only invest P1,800 for the whole package as opposed to P3,600.

I passed the e mail to my boyfriend and asked his opinion on it. I told him that I looked up the resort and discovered various evaluations about it, both superior and negative. He has been in search of accomodations in Boracay as well, and told me that the MetroDeal voucher was the cheapest one there is certainly. He also told me that even though there may perhaps be negative evaluations, the resort could have improved because the overview was written, so we should not judge it ahead of we're even there.

With his consent, I purchased the Metro Deal voucher and booked our arrival final January. Since you will find countless resorts in Boracay, we had a bit of difficulty finding there. By the time we finished fixing altering our garments and fixing our luggage, the sun was currently about to set. We know from hearsay that life in Boracay starts at evening. We each decided to go the beach location where we believe the activities are at.

The hotel wasn't precisely positioned in front in the beach but we did not mind walking towards the shore area. We spent the rest with the night bar hopping and dancing that when we woke up within the hotel the following morning, it was just about noon. Considering the fact that we brought our personal meals prior to going there, we agreed to ask the hotel's permission to utilize their kitchen. The receptionist then referred to as certainly one of the employees to take us towards the kitchen and help us. When we returned to the beach a lot earlier that afternoon, we caught sight of quite a few men and women para sailing or kite boarding. My boyfriend wanted to attempt it but I was scared of heights thats why we attempted out the other water sports rather.

My boyfriend was correct about finding the Metro Deal vouchers and staying in La Oviedo. Possibly subsequent year we'll come back to Bora and remain there once again.

06 Mar 2013
Mom and Tita happen to be coloring their hair for so long as I can don't forget. The only time that they stopped was when Tita got an allergy attack when she colored her hair applying an over-the-counter hair dye. But I do not feel that they’d truly definitely cease as long as they will see their hair turn gray.

I decided to provide them a treat and purchased two vouchers from Metro Deal to get a permanent hair color remedy at David’s Salon. They weren’t quite delighted about it at first and wouldn't be convinced until we were actually at the salon and that they accepted the vouchers.

Together with the vouchers in hand, we drove to David’s Salon at Wilsons in San Juan. I got myself a hair spa although the two had their hair colour completed. Mom chose to have her hair colored in black as usual, but my Tita, feeling adventurous, chose something of a dark copper shade that the stylist agreed would fit nicely with her complexion and face shape.

The entire process most likely took us about an hour (I hardly took note of the time). They still weren’t finished by the time my treatment was completed and I had to wait just a little longer. The staff informed me that they are possessing their massages accomplished and can be out in a few minutes.

I was rather surprised with all the results that I believed I was looking at a diverse individual once they came out. With their hair colored and shiny, the two looked like a couple of years younger.

Now they retain bugging me to verify the MetroDeal web site each day just to see in the event the David’s Salon deal is up once again. I guess that can not be helped. They had been seriously delighted with the result in the remedy as well as the added relaxing massage just after. But I’m taking a look at other bargains I assume they’d delight in too. There are actually a whole great deal of vouchers and merchants at MetroDeal that I know they’d also like to attempt.

06 Mar 2013
For the previous two years, MetroDeal has been helping me find out areas I haven't gone to, solutions I haven't tried, and solutions I have not knowledgeable. It's generally been an exciting adventure for me whenever I redeem the voucher because I never seriously know what to anticipate. Although MetroDeal constantly tends to make certain to acquire bargains from known brands, sometimes I surprise myself by having a deal that I do not know primarily mainly because I'm not acquainted with the place or place on the merchant's establishment. And Luxent Hotel falls under that category.

I've to admit I haven't heard of Luxent Hotel before MetroDeal merely because I haven't been substantially in Timog Ave. in Quezon City. However it was clear that the people today around there know as they quickly gave me directions on the way to get there.

I don't commonly avail the eat-all-you-can buffets inside hotels since it's also high priced. In some cases even thrice the price provided in buffet restaurants. I was also scared that the meals could not taste fantastic as most foods in a buffet go.

But all my hesitation went away as I stepped into the buffet location.

The initial factor that caught my consideration was the Sushi and Sashimi Table. There have been sushi's and maki's of each and every flavor and color that I hardly remembered their names and just dumped them all onto my plate. The salmon and tuna sashimi was fresh and scrumptious that I ate them with no bothering to dip them into the sauce. The sushi platter alone was sufficient to satisfy my hunger, but there are actually nevertheless far more food I'd like to attempt. You will find a wide variety of dishes originating from various parts in the globe. I had to go back several trips simply to sample every of them!

Guess how much I spent on all the things? Roughly Php 800. The MetroDeal voucher was for Php 599, as well as the remaining Php 201 was spent for my commute from my place to the hotel. This has always been my favourite part with regards to MetroDeal: any time you discover just how much you have saved just by availing their vouchers. For this deal alone, I already saved 40%, although bargains can go as low as 95% off. So the following time you are feeling adventurous, head off to MetroDeal's web-site and get any in the vouchers there. And like me, you simply may learn the right deal you'e been on the lookout for.