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21 May 2013

Check out the profile on Google+! +MetroDeal!

My boyfriend Nico and I have been together for three years, and to celebrate our upcoming anniversary and valentines day, we decided to take a break and program our getaway to Subic in Tarlac.

Taking a look at the evaluations and blogs, the stated hot air balloon fiesta is actually a feast towards the eyes of everyone who desires to witness diverse colorful and whimsical hot air balloons that can fly up to the sky. Audiences also includes a possibility to determine airplane acrobats soaring by means of the sky plus the opportunity to ride the hot air balloon itself, and that's what I'm really looking for within the trip, for certain it'll be an event to recall.

But what worries us each would be the expenses. The entrance to the hot air balloon fiesta price 250 pesos each, along with the one-way bus ride will fees 500 pesos every single, now that's plenty of dollars for us. We are trying to find ways to save income for our future endeavors and simultaneously delight in every little thing that we had ideal now. I can not ask for anything more.

A widespread pal of ours saw this deal posted on Metrodeal and she told us about it. It was a trip for the hot air balloon fiesta, comprehensive with round trip bus transfers from Manila to Subic and back, and sidetrips towards the Bat kingdom and Duty Absolutely free shops for only 2249 pesos, I assume it is a good deal! The voucher deal also contains entrance for the Hot air balloon fiesta, Ocean adventure park and Dinosaur island, services in the tour guide and tour coordinator for inquiries, and travel insurance just in case if there's any scenarios which will however come about even though around the road. This can be why we avail from the voucher and went to Subic for the awesome event this coming anniversary and Valentine's day.

We went for the bus station at around 2am and arrived at Clark at about 5am. As we arrived at the festival location, we're all in awe at the astounding spectacle of hot air balloons in various colors, shapes and sizes floating in the early morning.

Every little thing is perfect. The hot air balloon flights, aeromodeling demonstrations, ultralights, aircraft demonstrations, daredevil paraglider pilots and skydivers are all incredible, a feast to the eyes indeed! I also appreciate our sidetrip towards the Ocean adventure park, Bat kingdon and Dinosaurs island, and of course our speedy check out for the Duty totally free shops and splurge on export goods at a discount price. :)

I never believed that I will appreciate the whole adventure a great deal. Every thing is really a feast for the eyes for me and my boyfriend, and this practical experience is one thing that I will not overlook, even to get a lifetime. Thank you dear boyfriend, for making me feel like a kid once again, and to Metrodeal also for obtaining this wonderful deal posted on their website! :)

13 May 2013

Who wants to have dull, lifeless hair? My hair looks a crazy mess ever since I plan on having my hair rebonded and experienced a traumatic hairy ordeal at our salon nearby. After what happened, my hair looks like the strands of the broom, it's really scary! XD that epic fail experience makes me don't want to trust my hair to any salons and parlors, ever again!

But I keep on being envious on every girls who has Beautiful hair. A lot of my friends were lucky enough to have their hair treated well, and I really envy their long, straight locks and bouncy curls.

I really wish to have wavy, bouncy locks like those from international beauty queens. Everytime I watch international beauty contests like Miss International, Miss Universe and Miss World, they always have silky soft and wavy curls that bounces everytime they walked at the stage. I absolutely love the look that even my friends told me that having my perm digipermed really suits me than having rebonded hair. That's why they told me to have faith in having my hair treated in salons again. I asked for help in finding the suitable parlors that has the reputation in making the hair look like new and are also friendly to the budget. So we searched for salons and beauty parlors that has both the hair treatments that I am looking for.

While we were doing our research, we saw this promo posted on Metrodeal about the permanent blowdry or digital perming with scalp massage and hair detox for only 999 pesos from Actitud Salon, and I think it's a great catch! Digiperms costs less than 2000 pesos and this bundle can save me a lot. Another advantage for me is that the salon has the reputation of taking care of the customer's hair. So I took the risk on having my hair into the hands of the salon stylist again.

So I bought the Metrodeal voucher, placed an appointment and went to the parlor. Their friendly receptionist lead me to to my chair and let them do their job for the hair detox , digital perm and scalp massage. The whole treatment lasted for almost 2 hours and I really love the end result! My hair looks shiny and bouncy, and with the included hair treatments My hair will surely be beautiful for a long time.

My friends and family are now telling me that I now got what it takes to be a beauty queen, thanks to the work done by Actitud Salon and for the wonderful voucher from Metrodeal, I am so looking forward for more affordable deals from them soon!

Check out Metrodeal for more affordable deals!