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21 Nov 2013

I've been so envious on girls who has kinky curls, for I think they're gorgeous and sexy. I've been born having a boring, flat and lifeless hair for too long, and I think it's too plain even with a hair color.

Good thing MetroDeal has posted an amazing promo that I saw on their website – digital perming treatment from Hathor Salon – at 60% off!

I've been wondering though on their deal, for the it's worth 2520 pesos initially and it's really pricey for me, and after searching for the reviews on the salon, they are using products that can ensuree to treat the hair right to suit the customer's needs, and I think that is why it's a pricey treatment. But before availing this daily deal promo, i'd better look on Metrodeal's reputation and their deals online.

And looks like the said daily deal site is not a disappointment at all. I've been skeptical on group buying sites for they offer different promos at such a mark-down price. Other group buying sites are considered a scam for they didn't offer the posted products or services. It sucks to see some daily deal sites like these, for we don't know where to start in the first place. Good thing Metrodeal is no scam site, for they offer relevant info on their deals, extensive number of options for payment, polite and prompt customer service needs and guaranteed services on different inquiries.

This things has made me want to buy the voucher without hesitations. The transactions are great, i've never had any problems in buying the deal. I called for reservations at the Hathor Salon and they ushered me to my seat to begin with the digital perming magic.

And after a few hours, VOILA! bouncy, luscious, lovely curls that is so damn gorgeous. The makeover made me feel like a fiery vixen ready for battle, and I absolutely love it so much! <3

I'm glad that I made the right choice to get the promo from Metrodeal. Friendly crew, fast transactions, friendly prices and of course legit deals. I can't ask for more for they already offer so much for their growing number of customers. Can't wait for my next buy again!

05 Nov 2013

How I wish I had an enviously long, straight and manageable hair. My eyes are transfixed from those who had them naturally, and those who had all the money in the world to purchase the most pricey hair treatments. I know that it's all for the vanity's sake but I think it's never a sin to make yourself look good for everyone.

Rebonding has always been an option for my ridiculously lengthful and unruly hair. I had this crazy set of curls since I was a tiny kid. If you watched Disney Pixar's Brave, Merida's hair looks a lot like mine, only in chocolate brown. I don't wanna cut my hair for I'll be looking like a walking pompom, that's why i'd rather have it crazily long and wavy.

A friend of mine who knows on my hairy misery suddenly gave me a surprise gift, a voucher from MetroDeal. It was a hair rebonding treatment with blow dry, wash, hot oil treatment and haircut for only P1000 pesos. I was surprised on this gift, for it's a chance for me to restore my hair into its gorgeous glory. I'm actually excited that Metrodeal has this amazingly discounted promo at half the price, saving my friend a massive 88% off from its original price on this astounding promo. And knowing that the makati-based Salon de San Lorenzo has good online reviews on giving satisfying results to the customers, I have no second thoughts on using this voucher for a makeover of a lifetime.

Reservations are required though, so I called them for my preferred schedule and went to the salon. The place itself has a nice touch of simplicity and elegance, and people are caring and attentive as well. They use top-of-the-line products for their hair treatments to ensure the condition of their customer's crowning glory and after the agony of waiting for the rebonding, blowdry, haircut, wash and hot oil procedure, the results are beautiful! I love how my hair has turned from a kinky mop to a glamorosa!

My friends are oh so envious on my gorgeous makeover, I look like a brand new person after! I never thought that I'll be receiving dozens of well-wishers from my colleagues and friends, for they love the new and improved β€œme”. Yes I'm still on cloud nine weeks after my rebonding at MetroDeal.

So thankful that MetroDeal for having this deal, it's a heaven sent!