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28 Aug 2014

I love to drive, the adrenaline rush is something that I really like to experience everytime I'm in my car and whan i'm on my way to my destination. Somehow, the gruelling traffic is getting in my nerves and to await for minutes (sometimes hours) be in my destination is frustrating. Totally getting in my nerves.

I also had missed playing race-related games: GTO, Grand Theft Auto... the list continues and on as I finished all the games in my console. This is my only escape to the reality that's the stressful traffic who would want to deal with the 4-hr travel time from Makati to Quezon City anyway? And yeah, EDSA sucks huge time.

Then a friend of mine invited me to experience a Go Kart in Makati. The place is just a few minutes away from my workplace, and I would want to drive fast like I'm in a race itself! He bought his vouchers via Metrodeal where he bought it at more than half a price, now that's a whole lot! I asked him for information on his purchase and asked him whether it's a scam, but in truth it turned out to be a smooth-sailing deal! We went inside City Cart Racing with ease.

Why did I asked whether it's a scam? I've read some reviews about Metrodeal being such an ass on their deals, but since we availed for this treat, it only means that it's a purely legit deal! Not only did he only paid half an original price on this deal, we also had a great City kart experience! Never thought that it was fun too, it was like i'm in a racing game hehehe.: P

for this I was convinced to visit MetroDeal and shop for my own discounted vouchers soon!

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16 Aug 2014

I don't want an attractive, trendy, affordable bag" SAID NO WOMAN EVER! Women's bags are just like the extension of our selves, it can show who we are to be a person. That's how important bags are in my opinion. i've been collecting bags all my entire life, small bags, big bags, low-cost bags, expensive bags, transparent, colourful, triangular bags, name it we have every size, shape & shade of bag. i love bags! i mean what kind connected with woman doesn't? right? recently i have been drawn to Longchamps, their usefulness, you can use anywhere, at any time look is what gets me personally. They are very simple yet stylish in a way that the saying "simplicity exudes elegance" is really shown in their bags. Simply because Metrodeal has this great deal on Longchamps; Longchamp LM cuir travel bag for P6999 instead of P22500, made my heart miss a beat. It was obtainable in all 5colors and i wished to get every color they have got! LM cuirs are very transportable, spacious inside & not only that it look sophisticated & fashionable due to the classy light embossed quilted design. what more could you hunt for in a travel bag? and another thing; if your hands & arms are full this Longchamp LM Cuir travel bag comes with a extra shoulder strap attached on the sides, which is very perfect for busy travellers like me. This run-way ready & travel- worthy bag could be mine for only P6999! what a great deal!!!

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05 Aug 2014

As they all say, the hair could be the crowning glory of every girl. I have been a enthusiast of tony and jackey salon. They have been taking treatment of my hair ever since and I have already been treated like a princess, but the downside to that was it absolutely was costing me a lot! Don’t misunderstand me every cent is worth of this everytime I leave their salon but I recently wish they’d charge me less and even give me a discount. I avail their digital perm, meaning atleast every three months I would pay about P8000. It is very costly particularly if you really want shiny, clean & soft, perfect curls. I was really, really happy when I discovered that the hair blessing rebond or perhaps digital perm and haircut by class products at tony & jackey for P2999 from METRODEAL. It was perfect as it was already time for me to obtain my hair done again! I obtained 2 vouchers since it is usually valid from july 19 to October 19, 2014 which made it far more better because since its three months apart! Woohoo! Thanks so much metrodeal! Tony & jackey here I come!

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