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25 Sep 2014

It's already rainy season and I wanna have a quick getaway from the city even of it's only for a day. Weird as it may seems, but I wanna swim for the entire day and have fun along with #LeBeau, for after we managed to graduate from college and started doing the job, we don't have any moment together except on weekends as well as holidays. Our erratic work schedules is often a total BS for us.

And since we thought of having an instant getaway, he saw this promo from Metrodeal: a day or night accomodation from Coolwaves Ranch and Waterpark Resort is we're looking for! A quick getaway to Bulacan is something we need, and I like the fact the rates are affordable!

Knowing from its reviews, it has positive scores from their patrons. Their rooms are clean, they had amennities that other resorts does not have, the place looks relaxing and the slides are just... wow. The rates are also affordable, and it's even made more cheaper because of the promo from Metrodeal. That is why we opted to buy this deal no matter what, and we'll definitely go for this!

We bought their overnight promo that is also included in this deal, went there and spent the rest of the day swimming, eating and having a good time! We've never had this type of bonding moment after we graduated, that is why this one is special to me.

Thank you Metrodeal with this wonderful promo. We'll definitely opt for you next time!: )

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16 Sep 2014

It's good to have my cousin back! He works as a nurse in one of several known restaurants in Chicago, Illinois and glad that he's now at home here in Manila! For sure he missed all of the delectable Filipino dishes here, and I wanna give him the very best that we could offer with regard to him.

He loves food! My dearest cousin is really a foodie like me, and he supports my career as being a food blogger. He always asked me for restaurants which have been top-notch, and we always have your dinner in whenever needed. That is why after I heard rave reviews about Zarsuela Filipino Cuisine, I know that this is a perfect place for us to dine while using the family.

Another thing that I came across out is their promo coming from Metrodeal! The voucher stated i can avail on the 50% off on their dishes for only 499 pesos! So i bought 4 vouchers so which i could include the family also in this great event! Consequently without hesitations, went on together with my purchase.

I'm glad of which everything went well. Service is a plus and their dishes are delectable as usual. I couldn't look for more, and I would love to return for more. And I'm thankful for Metrodeal because of this amazing deal! Will definitely check on their other promos soon!

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06 Sep 2014

SumoSam has become my one of my favorite Japanese restaurants flourishing throughout the country. Freshly cooked dishes continues to be always the best for everybody, and their Japanese fusion meals never ceases to thrills me in an effective way.

But the downside of their particular deliciously sumptuous meals is that- these folks were all pricey. I can't help but to feel sad which i can only afford it through payday, and not during the times where I'm seriously craving for yummy set meals that are deliciously good till the last bite.

Good thing that there's this excellent promo from MetroDeal, where they offer 55% off on the set meals from SumoSam Podium branch. After I saw this from Metrodeal, I know that it's gonna be described as a deal worth buying for.

Well, i bought 2 vouchers for everyone and for my boyfriend, called the restaurant for reservations and traveled to The Podium to avail on our SumoSam purchase from Metrodeal. Everything is so really easy, and the staff is helpful to us.

What I really love about this deal is that they can had huge portions on the set meals each set meal is actually good for two, but since there was a huge appetite, we opted to own set meal each for ourselves lol!

I love this , its service and the rapid transactions! I never had any issues with my purchases from Metrodeal, and I'll be coming back for more of the deals soon!

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