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15 Dec 2015

It's among those days when I has been craving for something new to try and never having to go too far from your own home. Sometimes the same outdated, same old just does not cut it for us anymore. As if on cue, I stumbled upon this
interesting offer at Metrodeal for the Special Fried Chicken with Izakaya Beppin Kan with 50% off. Regular price is at PhP245 and you just pay PhP122. Good enough to me to go on any foodie adventure.

I've seen the site before but haven't truly tried it. For some reason, I just hadn't looked at sampling their Japanese-Korean cusinie before regardless of whether it's not that definately not my place. Of study course, I checked for Metrodeal reviews with the place before really starting the culinary journey. I wouldn't desire to waste my money on anything I might regret later simply because I got swayed by some pictures online. I've tried buying from Metrodeal before and the experiences had been excellent since I love the big discounts I bought from salon services and restaurants but almost all of those I bought prior to are from known establishments therefore i didn't have much to worry. For Izakaya Beppin Kan throughout BF Homes, however, I'm not too familiar yet therefore i had to thread very carefully.

I bought 2 vouchers for my husband and I and we thought i would try it last night for supper. I was pleasantly surprised that this fried chicken was competitive with described! I love the texture and also flavor that bursts within my mouth with each chew I took. The skin was crisp nevertheless the meat was tender to chew on. Even the crispy rice noodles have been fun to much on.

For more Review and testimonials, check out the article here:

25 Nov 2015

 My spouse and i sometimes desire for anyone true, succulent burgers that offer one thing far more compared to a common fastfood sequence grub. It turned out a type of days to weeks after i seen this specific useful present on Metrodeal. The particular Hamburger Research laboratory may seem like an interesting area I could truthfully try with my own pals. I'm keen on the thought once i observed the particular tagline “Build your burger” sufficient reason for 40% down, We was willing to encounter exactly what weather resistant offer you.

Not really staying since daring when i desire I could become, My spouse and i examined regarding Metrodeal reviews and also other on-line opinions to help play this risk-free somewhat. I found one or two coming from additional websites and they also propose the best place. With this, When i obtained 3 coupons from PhP299, each and every perfect for P500 well worth associated with foods & cocktails on the Cheese pizza Science lab with Prism Plaza throughout MOA Sophisticated. Labeling the best friends alongside, we redeemed your voucher codes final Weekend.

Being a little one on The holiday season early morning, When i has been very happy with all the laboratory think from the area in addition to the concept of “building” my personal cheese burger. My partner and i loved the way the marinade & goods are generally functioned within syrines with all your chosen materials. Missy, one among our BFFs don't choose innovative decision and bought The Cardiac Burger which practically created everyone repent the particular new idea of customizing our burger. It's no longer to the fainthearted and I'm able to practically begin to see the oldies doing this indication of the combination together with just how decadent this viewed. Jennie's the supreme pasta fan so obtained the Cheese burger Spaghetti, needless to say, in addition to Hamburger Research Nachos. I must declare it turned out the perfect encounter in addition to all of us witout a doubt arranged to return genuine rapidly.

There's fair such a great amount to attempt next event! Get the arrangement now in light of the fact that despite everything you can on the off chance that you might want appreciate delectable sustenance among the radical topic at the Burger Lab. For more information about Metrodeal, visit this link:

02 Nov 2015

I cherish it when I hear my sweet little Tianna answer when she's got some information about what she needs to be the point at which she grow up (I know, individuals can't avoid posing that question to kids paying little respect to the ocassion). She would dependably get all energized as she says "cook!" obviously, my impact is verifiable since she's been watching me do every one of my trials in the kitchen. I'm a gourmet expert/cook wannabe and she's my number one fan. That is the thing that struck a chord when I went over this adorable offer from Little Tycoons Playhouse in Alabang at Metrodeal. I felt so charmed when I saw the half markdown knowing Tianna would love playing cook! That is to say, P99 for 60 minutes of play or P199 for an entire day of play is nothing contrasted with the delight of watching 
her have a ton of fun. I can purchase her heaps of toys to bolster her pretend world however I simply think the awesome kiddie kitchen in the photo would make my daughter swoon! 

Like I generally do, I tend to check out first before I purchase anything online since I need to check and verify I'm settling on the right choice. I searched for online surveys and there wasn't much yet I figured out how to see 2 audits from diverse destinations (one is a website) so that is sufficient for me. Normally, I 
purchased a couple of vouchers so Tianna can appreciate it with her cousins. 

All things considered, it was certainly a decent call! Tianna and her cousins, Alexis and Corby cherished it there! I cherished how the spot is similar to a smaller than expected city with diverse foundations. Presently, that is taking pretend to an alternate level. I can envision how it must be for children to have a legitimate 

venue for consistent play as you envision everything. My heart for all intents and purposes needed to blast when I recognized the joy easily!

For more about Metrodeal reviews, complaints plus more information, visit this link:

14 Oct 2015

After the standard tiring work week, it's OK to extricate up and beat tension with fun works out. I 
endorse some exceedingly enrapturing diversion time like Laser Tag Shooting. Video and PC redirections may be a a piece of fun however nothing beats the real deal. I spotted another amazing offer a few weeks earlier from Metrodeal for a beguilement at Lazer Maxx Centris and I didn't reexamine to buy a couple of vouchers for me and my colleagues. For something that is sure to be a huge amount of fun, PhP95 (typical expense at PhP190) is a certified take of a promo! At half the price, who can confront? 

I've played at Lazer Maxx before in spite of the way that it's at their Market! Market! Branch with some of my cousins a year back so practically, I had a shrewd thought on what's in store. My friends and I used our vouchers last Saturday and they welcomed the redirection as I ensured. One redirection adequately wasn't, then again, that is the reason we had another go at standard expense. In spite of all that i'd say it's exceptionally supported, in spite of all the inconvenience.

15 Sep 2015

When it comes to spending quality time with my family, I’m quite particular with regard to the type associated with
activities that the kids would delight in. Bonding times usually are precious so I’m always on the lookout for some thing
good, especially when it doesn’t involve long drives. We chanced upon Metrodeal’s reduced offer for
entrance tickets in order to Ark Avilon Zoo in Pasig City in addition to I grabbed it straight away. It’s 50% off on P400 gain access to
pass to “the only indoor zoo inside Philippines. ”

I loved that reservations are certainly not necessary so I merely made plans to the hubby & your 2 boys to select a
different zoo practical knowledge last Saturday. The “Ark” itself brings in your thoughts the Biblical Noah’s Ark wherever
animals were sheltered in order to survive the terrible storm.

The kids cherished the photo opportunity while using animals, of training course, as well since feeding them. When i loved
watching the joy and wonder to them at such in close proximity encounter. I’d say every cent will probably be worth it &
the discount we got is definitely amazing. There’s nothing I can possibly complain in relation to.

25 Aug 2015

I like preserving great memories through photos and having the really special moments produced on
photo books allows me to journey down memory lane when I’m feeling nostalgic. I’d been with a
lookout for much on photo books and I recently found just what I was ready for. Photobook
Philippines is celebrating his or her 10th year anniversary with some great offers at Metrodeal that's not
only for picture books but other produced photo products too! What’s super good about it is that for any
deal you purchase, you’ll obtain a free 6” x 6” tiny photobook! Discounts and giveaways galore!

I purchased the actual 8” x 11” Channel Portrait Debossed Standard Hardcover using 40 pages for only P700
which is respected at P3250. Since I’m already acquainted with how promos like this kind of goes, I was capable to create
my photo e-book easily. I also claimed my free photo book by following a instructions so I seemed to be pretty
pleased with how fun it can be to do. It’s a little stressful choosing which photographs shall I include and where you should
place them since selection process can have a while and I was too excited to finish it already.

I only got my photo books today, which is 7 days after I completed these individuals and I definitely beloved them. The
savings I got only made it much more wonderful! I’m even considering buying another one for my sister since
she’s expecting her first baby in a couple of months.

04 Aug 2015

Defeating deadlines, pumping creative juices as well as occasional crisis management are simply part of my regular
routine. A regular dose of stress may take its toll and ultimately, you’ll find yourself using up out. I’d
been postponing my plans for taking yoga classes for with regards to a month already and it’s such as an answered
prayer when I observed this great promo at Metrodeal first week unlimited yoga school at Bikram Yoga
Manila fro simply P499. The package will be valued at P1700 consequently that’s 71% savings!

Sometimes you should just grab opportunities similar to this so I looked into purchasing the deal. I did a bit of
research when I couldn’t find Metrodeal Reviews on this establishment and I found a few. They’re
mostly favourable i really decided to just grab the ability. I chose the Greenhills Part since it’s on
the way home from work. I figured this could well be perfect during the wet season.

I already attended my high quality yesterday. The temperature was handling me at first; My spouse and i was sweating so
much & it was getting a bit stuffy. This, however, is considered normal good instructor.
Despite all in which, I still think it’s a powerful way to break free from the actual daily grind. I felt the strain leave my
body and I really like how it quiets my mind even for any brief moment.

21 Jul 2015

It's generally a joy when you find a fantastic pearl in the midst of the solid wilderness. When I 
experienced the arrangement included at Metrodeal, what got my attention were the pictures of the dishes. They look completely mouthwatering that you simply need to achieve over and test them. Nikko's Baking Studio is in Makati so it's really available and at half off, there was no reason not to simply purchase the arrangement! I purchased two vouchers since I anticipated labeling my closest companion along; no point going on a foodie enterprise on the off chance that you can't impart it and discuss it to somebody, isn't that so? 

So we discovered the decent natural eatery with no inconvenience in spite of the fact that it shocked me that in the event that it hadn't been for the voucher, I wouldn't have seen the spot. I didn't locate any Metrodeal audits for the place however I've seen some pleasant ones from distinctive bloggers and they're really great. Since it's likewise a cooking school, I figured, in what capacity would you be able to perhaps turn out badly? 

For PhP249 (esteemed at P500), I'll need to say that I wish I've found the spot before! I cherish the 
Pumpkin Carrot Soup and Bro's Adobo Flakes- - completely worth prescribing to my companions and 
gang. The experience was made additional exceptional in light of the fact that I got a lot more esteem than what I paid for! I'm undoubtedly returning soon!

For more about Metrodeal complaints, reviews plus more information, visit this link:

03 Jul 2015

What happens when you get two of your most cherished at risk delights in one swoop? Faultless bliss clearly! That is the way it felt with every snack of this delightful Ice Cream Sandwich from Cookie Dream. It was the regular hohumm morning when I considered skimming online for anything fascinating and I certainly found one at Metrodeal! 42% off on Ice Cream Sandwich at Cookie Dream Mall of Asia! Steady cost is PhP118 each for these extraordinary treats and I got them for just PhP69! 

I didn't even need to think about it, I procured a couple of vouchers instantly. That is to say, by what means would you have the capacity to 
maybe turn out gravely with a blend like that?! I dragged my sister to MOA by the weekend to hang 
out and use my vouchers. 

With all the brilliant choices, we decided to each have 2 of these splendid pastry treat 
sandwiches. I so venerated how you find the opportunity to modify it! I had Peanut Butter Cookies with Salted Caramel Ice Cream with Rice Crispies trimmings and Choco Chip Cookies with Mint Ice Cream and Marshmallow trims. Yes, it was in actuality a trap day! My sister had Red Velvet Cookies with her most cherished Pistachio Sweet and Marshmallow embellishments, and Double Choco Cookies with Cream Cheese Ice Cream and Almond trims. The trimmings were not bit of the group, yet rather for additional PhP20 per topping, I can't make any Metrodeal protestation on this; in any case I got a truly OK regard. 

It didn't astound. Not at all! My sweet tooth was everlastingly grateful for the strengths that be that made 
me see this sweet offer from Metrodeal.

For more about Metrodeal complaints, reviews and much more, check out this link:

23 Jun 2015

Regarding the matter of my sweet tooth, I have essentially zero likelihood of winning the battle. The smallest poke would make me collapse. Doubtlessly, I'm generally on a post for something that would 
satisfy my unending requirement for something sweet. So when I experienced this captivating offer for this Japanese treat named as Pink Lady Honey Toast Tower at another place in Ayala Fairview Terraces 
called Fantasia Café, I simply needed to try it out. For one, the heavenly looking treat is just P99 (standard cost is P198); who can oppose a 50% rebate? 

I'd say it completely lived up to my desires! I so adored the sublime tower of cubed nectar plunged toast 
considerably secured by delicate vanilla dessert and showered with strawberry syrup decorated with bits of crisp strawberry and adorable mint clears out. The play of flavors tickled my sense of taste that had my sweet tooth singing in happiness. I couldn't help moaning in joy after every other spoonful! 

Occasions such as these, I'm happy I took this enterprise since I was searching for some Metrodeal Reviews some time recently purchasing and I didn't discover one. I discovered some blended surveys on different locales however, they had me at the photos alone, so I purchased one at any rate. It is ideal that I did! I'm most likely returning for additional!

For more about Metrodeal complaints, reviews and much more information, visit this link:

09 Jun 2015

I had this crazy craving for honest to goodness Ravioli for around a few weeks. It's not for the standard thing stuff that can without a lot of a stretch be enlightened by those canned or stuffed collection you'd get off the essential supply resigns. Undoubtedly, it worked out that my inbox would pass on my salvation. 

I perceived the course of action when I took a gander at the announcement I got from Metrodeal. The name of the diner stood out enough to be noticed clearly -Bistro Ravioli. 50% off on P1000 worth of phenomenal Italian sustenance and drinks! I chase down some Metrodeal Reviews since I'm not familiar with the spot yet and I managed to find two or three online and they endorse it. Adequately induced, I obtained the plan quickly. 

I picked to visit the Glorietta 3 Branch to finally fulfill my yearnings for Ravioli with my cousin. The inquisitive little resto looks really agreeable and the sustenance did not baffle. The Spinach and Feta Cheese Ravioli in Pesto Sauce was essentially divine! My cousin worshipped her Mushroom Mozzarella Ravioli and we both acknowledged the Quattro Formaggi Pizza we granted to much vitality. We furthermore had Choco Lava for treat. 

Nothing beats acknowledging awesome food with exceptional dialogs so we're getting the game plan again before it closes!

For more Metrodeal Reviews and other information, just visit:

27 May 2015

A little bit of deluxe spoiling is just exactly what a lady requires every now and then for you to renew the girl inside you
before struggling with the daily issues with the tangible world. That’s the reason why I’m constantly on a hunt regarding
fabulous pampering offers on the web. You can't draw my exitement I discovered this unique deal
from Metrodeal for 60 minutes of luxurious massage at no less than Le Spa Sofitel! The package also comes 
with unlimited use of Jacuzzi, Dry and Wet Sauna for only P1599!

Being served with superb indulging on this unique day spa throughout Sofitel is actually precisely what true luxury is dependant on.
The attendants have become mannerly as well as the cure ended up being only divine. No Metrodeal complaints here at 
all as I am more than happy & very contended with the experience. The 60% disocunt is simply the actual topping for the dessert!

For more reviews in Metrodeal, just visit this link:
Stop wasting time and pick up the deal because exclusive presents like these are not bound to last forever!

28 Apr 2015

What I like about Triple-O's burgers is their ever-juicy patties, freshly-baked bun, fresh, crisp ingredients, its super yummy secret sauce and this pickle topping that is so refreshing it makes me hungry for for more. It's good to see that Triple-O's is now available here in Manila, and I can order their burgers whenever I desired to.

Why Triple-O's? Unlike in other burger joints, its unusual flavors makes them distinct to one another. They also have milkshakes that truly cools me down and refreshes me on this horrendous summer heat. Its comfy atmosphere is really inviting. That is why I love it here. Food ambience great people = an event that is worth every peso.

That is why I'm the happiest when I saw this original promo from MetroDeal I will now have 500 pesos worth of food and drinks with Triple-O's for only 300 pesos! The 40% off deal is a superb treat for everyone who is a fan of Triple-O's burgers, shakes and more.

Knowing that Metrodeal is reputable because of their amazing promos, I can now be sure on my amazing purchase!

For more information about Metrodeal complaints, reviews and much more, check out this link:

14 Apr 2015

I've just watched #Furious7 few days ago and it was a new smash hit! If you're a fan of the Furious series, its crazy car stunts and drills, and it's fighting scenes then this one is made for you.

My movie night is never ever complete with crazy treats to choose from. I can watch movies with or without someone with me at night but it'll never complete without having my comfort food, and in my case, I can never go inside without a large cup of cucumber lemonade, biggie garlic cloves fries, a big chuck of bacon cheeseburger sandwich plus a large tub of barbecue parmesan cheese popcorn.

It's always a habit to get a huge stack of food with me for it's my way to help detress, and it's always fun for me personally to munch on something while watching on a big screen. This is why I'm excited to see this particular deal from Metrodeal!

I'm a fan of Popperoo and it's probably the most delicious popcorns that I've ever endured. I love their barbecue as well as cheese flavor, and call me crazy but I always ended up buying one for each and every flavor. That is why this offer from MetroDeal where I am able to buy 2 buckets of Popperoo stovetop popcorn in cheese and barbecue flavor for only 70 pesos is a good deal. That is so more than worth it.

That is why I bought vouchers on the website and reserve it for our movie day. Glad that there is no need to call for reservations for I am able to claim the popcorns instantly.

Looking forward to see more deals from Metrodeal soon!

For more about Metrodeal complaints, reviews plus more, check out this link:

30 Mar 2015

I've watched “That thing called tadhana” months ago after it had been being shown in the cinema. It was a cult hit, and somehow, I can see myself from the leading character. Mace has been a sweetheart who's been in a relationship with her boyfriend for almost 7 years. She even went abroad to be with him, only she caught him having an affair with a girl. Heartbroken, she went back, met a fellow filipino while at the airport, went on a detour instead on going home and had a roadtrip as far as Banaue and Sagada in order to maneuver on with the hurtful breakup.

Aside from the colorful storyline, the scenes from their leaving abroad, their exchange of words and that wonderful scenes makes me want to go on vacation. The painful moving on process while these were in Banaue and Sagada struck me in a fashion that it's miles away form the mainland Manila, for it's pure beauty is so beautiful that this bewilders me (everyone) who journeyed there. Everything is well-preserved, unblemished, serene, with no hint of sky-high buildings that block the majestic scenery of the mountains.

But the trip by itself doesn't come cheap. The accommodations, the travel expenses, the food it costs me almost half of my bimonthly salary. Good thing that Metrodeal features this travel promo to Banaue and Sagada that gives a massive 56% off on the original price. It's a good deal indeed! Not only I can save more income, it also offers much better deal than from other travel packages.

Thankful to have this deal! I've already made my purchase and I can not wait to have my getaway in few week's time!

To learn more about Metrodeal complaints, reviews and many more, check out the link right here:

14 Mar 2015

It is a dream to learn different 'languages': Japanese, Mandarin, Fookien (my boyfriend's parents' native language, coz they're from mainland China), and so much much more. I've been a fan of foreign television series and the reason behind learning is to not depend upon the subtitles anymore.

Aside from most of these, I wanna have a cheerful talk with foreigners and have a conversation together. It is a great thing to know from them, and to rely on the things which I watched is a great start to learn a word or 2 (or more), and I simply wanna learn more.

Taking foreign language lessons are really pricey. I've been looking for the prices for every session and yes it costs my days worth of salary, and I think it's too much.

Good thing Metrodeal now delivers 40 sessions of language courses at the Academia language for only 99 pesos! This can be an amazing deal that will probably be worth buying, for it originally charges at 10500 pesos! Now that's a great 90% off from the original price!

I've already purchased this phenomenal deal, and I'm looking forward for my lessons soon!

For more about Metrodeal complaints, reviews and more information, visit this link:

03 Mar 2015

Summer is just months apart and I'm excited! My boyfriend and I are intending to going to Balesin, Sagada, Batanes and also Siquijor, and we still have months to save more for our planned schedule! I'd love to share each experience to everyone with pictures of our own crazy adventure this year.

The only thing that makes me sad nevertheless, is that my waterproof camera lost the battle on me few months ago after it was bumped into something, I thought it is a minor bump but that bump is a nasty one that made the camera crack, and it's really hard to think that my trusty camera of 4 years just lost the battle on me.

The good ones that I really like costs too much for me personally, and I am skeptical to have the imitations from China for I'm sure that it'll be a huge waste of money whether or not it's broken. I'm very cautious on my expenses at the moment because of our planned holiday.

That is why I am half-hearted to discover this underwater camera from Metrodeal as much as I want to buy it, I am skeptical. Until I find someone who is going to do a review on their purchase, then this is where I shall be deciding on buying one, until my good friend really bought one.

Heyna, a close friend of mine, told me that this underwater camera is indeed great, especially for underwater shots. Videos are just ok but decent in such a way, so it's kinda passable. She already had her camera for several months already.

So I ordered my camera ahead and I'm now expecting the delivery. I really hope that the camera will be ok with me, will post my own evaluate soon!

For more detailed MetroDeal reviews, check out the link in this article:

17 Feb 2015

As a foodie blogger, I'm always in the look for the crazy food innovations which are now on they hype: CroNuts, Pizzandwich, and much more. The fusion of delicious treats rolled into one is a dream come true especially those who're craving for both treats and molded them together to make it a great magic extravaganza.

This new establishment, the Dessert Cream, offers ice cream sandwich that is made of ice cream and cookies, who would want to believe that these two sinfully delicious sweets can be quite a great mix? Let's call it a married relationship of sorts but for dessert afficionados, it's definitely a good treat.

The promo posted on MetroDeal this 50% off on ice cream sandwich at the Cookie Dream is a sweet treat for the sweet tooth, for it's inexpensive for everyone. For that I can not wait to purchase this deal and have my sweetness overload extravaganza!

For more about Metrodeal reviews, visit the link here:

05 Feb 2015

I love the sights and sounds on the Pahiyas Festival! The food, the houses, the festival and the history says that everything about Quezon is significant for their culture and heritage, and I can't help but to admire them because of the love for their province.

But I'd to admit, going to provinces to get a glimpse of their festivals is indeed expensive because of the transportation allowance, place to rest and dining in, and of course on where to buy low cost but cute souvenirs.

To thing that Metrodeal comes with an offer posted just now: the day package during the Pahiyas Festival is something which really caught my eye coz it's affordable! I can't believe it, with it's inclusions, I think it's a good deal, now I can buy it in a jiff lols!

- Get to know more about Metrodeal reviews here:

23 Jan 2015

My boyfriend and I make it a point that whenever we went on a holiday to Tagaytay, we always ensure that we'll be making an end to our favorite coffee house and bulalohan. While there were times that we should instead find a room for the comfy overnight stay, we see to it that we will maximize our time while we're in Tagaytay.

to admit, I haven't gone to the Sky Ranch. I heard from a friend of mine that going there's more expensive than of buying among the “ride-all-you-can” tickets from Enchanted Kingdom. I feel disheartened after I heard that really, for I really like to ride on the tallest ferris wheel and have a 360 degree view of the Tagaytay highlands.

Good thing though that Metrodeal has offered this amazing deal on the website! With an amazing 62% discount, I can now go for their attraction rides for only 350!

We could only thank this deal with this, I'm planning to buy this deal soon for our future trip to Tagaytay!

For more articles about Metrodeal Reviews, check this link here: