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Great dinner & ambiance at Bovine by Blackwood BGC
My best hair ever
City Garden Hotel's Breakfast Buffet
Play games using your smartphone all day with the B&D Ultra Slim Power Bank


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18 Jan 2017

Being an passionate lover of Avengers, there are occasions that you'd want to take your 

choices to another level.It's rather a simple blanket or a cushion, or possibly a dish to 

make meals fun, or perhaps a simple mug that you would like to admire when you enjoy 

yourself with your hot and stimulating day coffees. And Who says you can't take your 

selected movies and individuals to your morning hours coffees every day? 

With a package that I ran across online, my day was packed with excitement when i hurried 

to click purchase at Metrodeal's website for the Collectible Comic Mugs. Having the ability 

to use the site before and reading a whole lot of positive Metrodeal Reviews, I understand 

that offer will never disappoint me. The delivery was fast so when it arrived and I got it 

in my own hands, I did not even look for any flaws and used it for my evening sit down 

elsewhere immediately. Even though I did so not look for defects, I had been glad which it 

didn't have any, keeping me from any hassle of going back the product. The mug had exact 

information on the type and definitely I ordered an Flat iron Man mug that made me feel 

surprised with it's color. The lid definitely is useful when you wish to leave your desk 

for some time and do not like dusts or pests going within your drink. 

Enjoy your drink with your selected personas with the Collectible Comic Mugs and take your 

collection to a complete new level. 

22 Aug 2016

Have you ever known about that Marvin Gaye tune, I Heard It Through the Grapevine? In it he communicates his 
sharpness towards his deceiving forthcoming ex. On the off chance that exclusive Marvin had an essence of Bovine's 
flawlessly made dishes, I wager he won't be as astringent as he was in the tune. 

There's this magnificent arrangement on MetroDeal: P599 for P1000 worth of Food & Drinks at Bovine by 
Blackwood BGC - US Angus Steaks, Pastas, Salads, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. 

At a large portion of its value, Bovine offers a flesh eating banquet of solace nourishment. I began this gastronomic 
enterprise by examining one of their hors d'oeuvres, Buffalo Crab Claws. (Their different tidbits incorporate 
Burnt Beef Tenderloin Tartare and Double Cut Grilled Bacon.) Then I warmed up my sense of taste with 
their Premium Lump Crab Chowder. (You may likewise need to remove a taste from their French Onion Soup 
furthermore, Truffle Mushroom Puree.) For the individuals who need to pack light, Bovine likewise has a wide cluster of 
servings of mixed greens: Organic Quinoa and Grilled Vegetable Salad, Blackwood Crab and Mango Salad, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. For 
pasta mates like me, they have a bite of fabulous pasta, simply take your pick: Aglio Olio, 
Carbonara, Beef Meatball Spaghettini, Seafood in Spicy Tomato Cream Sauce, or a Truffle Linguine 

For their "headliner," the resto has an abundance of scrumptious meat dishes: broiled or barbecued 
tenderloin steak, flame broiled ratatouille and guaranteed US Angus Ribeye Steak, and that's just the beginning. 

Their dishes are so yummy and endearing I can't grumble.

For more reviews; please visit this link:

4 Aug 2016

One among my morning routines is drying my hair. My own hair is naturally curly, rendering it a lttle bit hard to
manage because it "has its own mind. inch My time is used simply by curling some strands of my
locks around a hairbrush just and so i could get the wave which i desire, not the wave my frizzy hair desires. This can be
not a good situation specially when most likely running late for work. Then I saw this wonderful deal on
MetroDeal for Milk Rebonding, Softwave Curls, or Permanent Hit Dry at Salon de Orient for P999
instead of P6000.

Salon de Orient's Softwave Perming is ideal for many who don't have plenty of time to spare, for those
who don't want to be late to work because they required a lot of time drying and managing their hair. This
procedure is also known as "cold perm. " It offers your hair more amount while obtaining the "perfect
wave. "

Besides Softwave Perming, they also offer Milk Rebonding and Long lasting Blow Dry. So you
choose which of those three hair procedures you think is best for your crowning glory.
I actually do not have to complain any more since my hair is now manageable, giving me enough time to not be
late for work.

For more Review and testimonials, check out the article here:

13 May 2016

As you live and work in and around Metro Manila, everyday living is relatively 
synonymous with a limitless obstacle course; heavy traffic every now and then, long lines at your selected 
fast food chain, the occasional scarcity of travel, etc. Essential it's very important to 
pump the palate and treat your tummy with a delectable breakfast.

I've been having some "routine breakfast" these days; everyday is a circuit speculate if 
this trade to repeat, should breakfast also be the same, mediocre moment? And then I saw 
this yummy deal at MetroDeal: Have a Great Early morning with a Delicious Eat-All- You-Can 
Breakfast Buffet at City Garden Hotel Makati for P398 rather than P495.

At 20% off their original, my buddies and I actually got to savor this beautifully 
delightful breakfast fête. We had blissfully crispy bacon, oh-so- munchy omelet, savory 
sausages, tasty toasts, and several magnificent muffins. To summary this morning meal, we 
gulped down their fresh orange juice. Yum.

Conveniently positioned in Makati, Town Garden is a homey, posh hotel that offers lodging 
and dining services. Ideal for bonding occasions with your family and friends, their breakfast self 
serve buffet is from 5: 30 AM to 10: 30 AM, Mondays to Fridays.

If I can protest about one thing, I'll complain about how precisely deliciously addicting 
their meals are. Amazing!

For more Metrodeal Reviews, visit this link:

8 Apr 2016
Now i'm the sort of person who always check my social press accounts wherever I have always been. Whether it would
be Facebook or Instagram, Tweets or even my Email and Viber account, We always ensure that you reply
almost immediately to the email I receive online. With that said,, keeping my cellular data on
all the time will surely drain my phone's battery-life and I will conclude buying a destination to plug it in
for power.

I've seemed online for power banking companies that are affordable and came across this promo at MetroDeal's
website. I have tried the site before and so i didn't have to look for reviews about this deal because We've
already been a customer for a while now.

The power bank is slim and you could choose from five colors that you fancy the most. It is two USB
outputs and a 21, 800mAh ability will definitely keep my gizmos up for the whole day while I actually block
myself in interpersonal media or maybe a little movie marathon to keep me entertained.

2 Feb 2016

We should face it. Ours is usually a world of which bases the vast majority of its judgments on your face. That's no surprise since our own
face is one thing people view in us. One can't help although feel conscious each and every time their face is
plagued by nasty warts. I indicate, come on, having hpv warts is to some degree synonymous to presenting
grammatical errors as part of your college thesis. You isn't gonna get some good good marks for that I'm sure.

Due to the everyday strain of actual, I've accumulated some genital warts on my own face. (I've basically become
some sort of “worrywart. ”) I really decided to see MetroDeal's promo: Get Easy & Perfect Skin using
Unlimited Warts Removal on Cara Mia Functional Center intended for P99 alternatively P2000. With 95% down, I reach
have my personal warts taken out, leaving my personal face seeking clean along with healthy.

Cara Mia provides branches in Makati and also Pasig. Their crew includes people which really know very well what
they're accomplishing; they are skincare specialists who're very efficient inside their job. That's why I received no
worries as i was undergoing electro cautery, an activity that permanently removes hpv warts off your current
face. Cara Mia's environment can also be very comfy, making any kind of customer really feel relaxed and in your own home.

Now, our confidence is actually back. As a result of MetroDeal's promo. My merely Metrodeal complaint is that we can't
help nevertheless stare for the mirror and have the smoothness connected with my skin longer in comparison with before. Similar to, daym.

25 Jan 2016

Whom wouldn't love per day where you will be able to fill your stomach with a wide 
range of Japanese and other Asian foodstuff? along which has a wide group of drinks as 
well as dessert? If you're more dedicated that's great, head out towards most popular 
restaurant with lots of positive evaluations, Yakimix, with this specific Metrodeal 
promo that's pretty much 15% discount from the original cost.

For merely 424PhP per head, It will be easy to eat lots of asian dishes as well as grill 
your own meat at the own kitchen table. Along with the wide as well as long line of 
food, there are also different kinds of drinks that you can choose through. After the 
actual meal, you can even head out towards dessert location. My minor cousins loved that 
this ice products have distinct flavors they all adored.

When you purchase the Metrodeal coupon, make sure to evaluate which Yakimix side is 
valid with the promo.

18 Jan 2016

Me and also my close friends love to go to amusement areas for fun and try different kinds of rides and
destinations too. We've usually wanted to try out SkyRanch mainly because we've read and observed manyreviews in regards to the place. That's why once we found a promotion at metrodeal, many of us purchased yourvouchers quickly.

SkyRanch Tagaytay, like different parks, had different varieties of rides in addition to attraction. Personally, I loved the particular Viking ride plus the very well known ride, Sky Eye. Towards the top of the trip, you may almost understand the whole metropolis of Tagaytay and and in addition see the perfect view from the Taal. It turned out very stunning to view, so make sure you take a lot of picture on the view.

With this nice conditions in Tagaytay, along using the fun autos and good view, you may surely appreciate
your SkyRanch adventure with your family, friends or someone special.

For more about Metrodeal reviews, complaints plus more information, visit this link:

8 Jan 2016

My spouse and i has been checking the web for most Metrodeal reviews in addition to wished to help make just one
because us in addition to our close friends appreciated one of the discount vouchers that we ordered for the little hangout.
all of us attempted your 30-inch pizzas cope from Pizzaville pertaining to P999 pesos instead of P2000.

It absolutely was worth every penny to get a party similar to us all while in each of our hangouts because doing so has been major in addition to had various styles
for individuals to relish. We attempted your Pepperoni, 3-cheese, pig in addition to dairy products in addition to Moolah hamburger because each of our
styles. It absolutely was any 30-inch pizzas therefore it has been plenty of for the 5 folks, additionally all of us stored 50% due to this
cope. Anyone just have to shell out a different demand for the supply, as well as the cost is dependent upon where by a person
tend to be.

For more Review and testimonials, check out the article here:

15 Dec 2015

It's among those days when I has been craving for something new to try and never having to go too far from your own home. Sometimes the same outdated, same old just does not cut it for us anymore. As if on cue, I stumbled upon this
interesting offer at Metrodeal for the Special Fried Chicken with Izakaya Beppin Kan with 50% off. Regular price is at PhP245 and you just pay PhP122. Good enough to me to go on any foodie adventure.

I've seen the site before but haven't truly tried it. For some reason, I just hadn't looked at sampling their Japanese-Korean cusinie before regardless of whether it's not that definately not my place. Of study course, I checked for Metrodeal reviews with the place before really starting the culinary journey. I wouldn't desire to waste my money on anything I might regret later simply because I got swayed by some pictures online. I've tried buying from Metrodeal before and the experiences had been excellent since I love the big discounts I bought from salon services and restaurants but almost all of those I bought prior to are from known establishments therefore i didn't have much to worry. For Izakaya Beppin Kan throughout BF Homes, however, I'm not too familiar yet therefore i had to thread very carefully.

I bought 2 vouchers for my husband and I and we thought i would try it last night for supper. I was pleasantly surprised that this fried chicken was competitive with described! I love the texture and also flavor that bursts within my mouth with each chew I took. The skin was crisp nevertheless the meat was tender to chew on. Even the crispy rice noodles have been fun to much on.

For more Review and testimonials, check out the article here:

25 Nov 2015

 My spouse and i sometimes desire for anyone true, succulent burgers that offer one thing far more compared to a common fastfood sequence grub. It turned out a type of days to weeks after i seen this specific useful present on Metrodeal. The particular Hamburger Research laboratory may seem like an interesting area I could truthfully try with my own pals. I'm keen on the thought once i observed the particular tagline “Build your burger” sufficient reason for 40% down, We was willing to encounter exactly what weather resistant offer you.

Not really staying since daring when i desire I could become, My spouse and i examined regarding Metrodeal reviews and also other on-line opinions to help play this risk-free somewhat. I found one or two coming from additional websites and they also propose the best place. With this, When i obtained 3 coupons from PhP299, each and every perfect for P500 well worth associated with foods & cocktails on the Cheese pizza Science lab with Prism Plaza throughout MOA Sophisticated. Labeling the best friends alongside, we redeemed your voucher codes final Weekend.

Being a little one on The holiday season early morning, When i has been very happy with all the laboratory think from the area in addition to the concept of “building” my personal cheese burger. My partner and i loved the way the marinade & goods are generally functioned within syrines with all your chosen materials. Missy, one among our BFFs don't choose innovative decision and bought The Cardiac Burger which practically created everyone repent the particular new idea of customizing our burger. It's no longer to the fainthearted and I'm able to practically begin to see the oldies doing this indication of the combination together with just how decadent this viewed. Jennie's the supreme pasta fan so obtained the Cheese burger Spaghetti, needless to say, in addition to Hamburger Research Nachos. I must declare it turned out the perfect encounter in addition to all of us witout a doubt arranged to return genuine rapidly.

There's fair such a great amount to attempt next event! Get the arrangement now in light of the fact that despite everything you can on the off chance that you might want appreciate delectable sustenance among the radical topic at the Burger Lab. For more information about Metrodeal, visit this link:

2 Nov 2015

I cherish it when I hear my sweet little Tianna answer when she's got some information about what she needs to be the point at which she grow up (I know, individuals can't avoid posing that question to kids paying little respect to the ocassion). She would dependably get all energized as she says "cook!" obviously, my impact is verifiable since she's been watching me do every one of my trials in the kitchen. I'm a gourmet expert/cook wannabe and she's my number one fan. That is the thing that struck a chord when I went over this adorable offer from Little Tycoons Playhouse in Alabang at Metrodeal. I felt so charmed when I saw the half markdown knowing Tianna would love playing cook! That is to say, P99 for 60 minutes of play or P199 for an entire day of play is nothing contrasted with the delight of watching 
her have a ton of fun. I can purchase her heaps of toys to bolster her pretend world however I simply think the awesome kiddie kitchen in the photo would make my daughter swoon! 

Like I generally do, I tend to check out first before I purchase anything online since I need to check and verify I'm settling on the right choice. I searched for online surveys and there wasn't much yet I figured out how to see 2 audits from diverse destinations (one is a website) so that is sufficient for me. Normally, I 
purchased a couple of vouchers so Tianna can appreciate it with her cousins. 

All things considered, it was certainly a decent call! Tianna and her cousins, Alexis and Corby cherished it there! I cherished how the spot is similar to a smaller than expected city with diverse foundations. Presently, that is taking pretend to an alternate level. I can envision how it must be for children to have a legitimate 

venue for consistent play as you envision everything. My heart for all intents and purposes needed to blast when I recognized the joy easily!

For more about Metrodeal reviews, complaints plus more information, visit this link:

14 Oct 2015

After the standard tiring work week, it's OK to extricate up and beat tension with fun works out. I 
endorse some exceedingly enrapturing diversion time like Laser Tag Shooting. Video and PC redirections may be a a piece of fun however nothing beats the real deal. I spotted another amazing offer a few weeks earlier from Metrodeal for a beguilement at Lazer Maxx Centris and I didn't reexamine to buy a couple of vouchers for me and my colleagues. For something that is sure to be a huge amount of fun, PhP95 (typical expense at PhP190) is a certified take of a promo! At half the price, who can confront? 

I've played at Lazer Maxx before in spite of the way that it's at their Market! Market! Branch with some of my cousins a year back so practically, I had a shrewd thought on what's in store. My friends and I used our vouchers last Saturday and they welcomed the redirection as I ensured. One redirection adequately wasn't, then again, that is the reason we had another go at standard expense. In spite of all that i'd say it's exceptionally supported, in spite of all the inconvenience.

15 Sep 2015

When it comes to spending quality time with my family, I’m quite particular with regard to the type associated with
activities that the kids would delight in. Bonding times usually are precious so I’m always on the lookout for some thing
good, especially when it doesn’t involve long drives. We chanced upon Metrodeal’s reduced offer for
entrance tickets in order to Ark Avilon Zoo in Pasig City in addition to I grabbed it straight away. It’s 50% off on P400 gain access to
pass to “the only indoor zoo inside Philippines. ”

I loved that reservations are certainly not necessary so I merely made plans to the hubby & your 2 boys to select a
different zoo practical knowledge last Saturday. The “Ark” itself brings in your thoughts the Biblical Noah’s Ark wherever
animals were sheltered in order to survive the terrible storm.

The kids cherished the photo opportunity while using animals, of training course, as well since feeding them. When i loved
watching the joy and wonder to them at such in close proximity encounter. I’d say every cent will probably be worth it &
the discount we got is definitely amazing. There’s nothing I can possibly complain in relation to.

25 Aug 2015

I like preserving great memories through photos and having the really special moments produced on
photo books allows me to journey down memory lane when I’m feeling nostalgic. I’d been with a
lookout for much on photo books and I recently found just what I was ready for. Photobook
Philippines is celebrating his or her 10th year anniversary with some great offers at Metrodeal that's not
only for picture books but other produced photo products too! What’s super good about it is that for any
deal you purchase, you’ll obtain a free 6” x 6” tiny photobook! Discounts and giveaways galore!

I purchased the actual 8” x 11” Channel Portrait Debossed Standard Hardcover using 40 pages for only P700
which is respected at P3250. Since I’m already acquainted with how promos like this kind of goes, I was capable to create
my photo e-book easily. I also claimed my free photo book by following a instructions so I seemed to be pretty
pleased with how fun it can be to do. It’s a little stressful choosing which photographs shall I include and where you should
place them since selection process can have a while and I was too excited to finish it already.

I only got my photo books today, which is 7 days after I completed these individuals and I definitely beloved them. The
savings I got only made it much more wonderful! I’m even considering buying another one for my sister since
she’s expecting her first baby in a couple of months.

4 Aug 2015

Defeating deadlines, pumping creative juices as well as occasional crisis management are simply part of my regular
routine. A regular dose of stress may take its toll and ultimately, you’ll find yourself using up out. I’d
been postponing my plans for taking yoga classes for with regards to a month already and it’s such as an answered
prayer when I observed this great promo at Metrodeal first week unlimited yoga school at Bikram Yoga
Manila fro simply P499. The package will be valued at P1700 consequently that’s 71% savings!

Sometimes you should just grab opportunities similar to this so I looked into purchasing the deal. I did a bit of
research when I couldn’t find Metrodeal Reviews on this establishment and I found a few. They’re
mostly favourable i really decided to just grab the ability. I chose the Greenhills Part since it’s on
the way home from work. I figured this could well be perfect during the wet season.

I already attended my high quality yesterday. The temperature was handling me at first; My spouse and i was sweating so
much & it was getting a bit stuffy. This, however, is considered normal good instructor.
Despite all in which, I still think it’s a powerful way to break free from the actual daily grind. I felt the strain leave my
body and I really like how it quiets my mind even for any brief moment.

21 Jul 2015

It's generally a joy when you find a fantastic pearl in the midst of the solid wilderness. When I 
experienced the arrangement included at Metrodeal, what got my attention were the pictures of the dishes. They look completely mouthwatering that you simply need to achieve over and test them. Nikko's Baking Studio is in Makati so it's really available and at half off, there was no reason not to simply purchase the arrangement! I purchased two vouchers since I anticipated labeling my closest companion along; no point going on a foodie enterprise on the off chance that you can't impart it and discuss it to somebody, isn't that so? 

So we discovered the decent natural eatery with no inconvenience in spite of the fact that it shocked me that in the event that it hadn't been for the voucher, I wouldn't have seen the spot. I didn't locate any Metrodeal audits for the place however I've seen some pleasant ones from distinctive bloggers and they're really great. Since it's likewise a cooking school, I figured, in what capacity would you be able to perhaps turn out badly? 

For PhP249 (esteemed at P500), I'll need to say that I wish I've found the spot before! I cherish the 
Pumpkin Carrot Soup and Bro's Adobo Flakes- - completely worth prescribing to my companions and 
gang. The experience was made additional exceptional in light of the fact that I got a lot more esteem than what I paid for! I'm undoubtedly returning soon!

For more about Metrodeal complaints, reviews plus more information, visit this link:

23 Jun 2015

Regarding the matter of my sweet tooth, I have essentially zero likelihood of winning the battle. The smallest poke would make me collapse. Doubtlessly, I'm generally on a post for something that would 
satisfy my unending requirement for something sweet. So when I experienced this captivating offer for this Japanese treat named as Pink Lady Honey Toast Tower at another place in Ayala Fairview Terraces 
called Fantasia Café, I simply needed to try it out. For one, the heavenly looking treat is just P99 (standard cost is P198); who can oppose a 50% rebate? 

I'd say it completely lived up to my desires! I so adored the sublime tower of cubed nectar plunged toast 
considerably secured by delicate vanilla dessert and showered with strawberry syrup decorated with bits of crisp strawberry and adorable mint clears out. The play of flavors tickled my sense of taste that had my sweet tooth singing in happiness. I couldn't help moaning in joy after every other spoonful! 

Occasions such as these, I'm happy I took this enterprise since I was searching for some Metrodeal Reviews some time recently purchasing and I didn't discover one. I discovered some blended surveys on different locales however, they had me at the photos alone, so I purchased one at any rate. It is ideal that I did! I'm most likely returning for additional!

For more about Metrodeal complaints, reviews and much more information, visit this link:

14 Mar 2015

It is a dream to learn different 'languages': Japanese, Mandarin, Fookien (my boyfriend's parents' native language, coz they're from mainland China), and so much much more. I've been a fan of foreign television series and the reason behind learning is to not depend upon the subtitles anymore.

Aside from most of these, I wanna have a cheerful talk with foreigners and have a conversation together. It is a great thing to know from them, and to rely on the things which I watched is a great start to learn a word or 2 (or more), and I simply wanna learn more.

Taking foreign language lessons are really pricey. I've been looking for the prices for every session and yes it costs my days worth of salary, and I think it's too much.

Good thing Metrodeal now delivers 40 sessions of language courses at the Academia language for only 99 pesos! This can be an amazing deal that will probably be worth buying, for it originally charges at 10500 pesos! Now that's a great 90% off from the original price!

I've already purchased this phenomenal deal, and I'm looking forward for my lessons soon!

For more about Metrodeal complaints, reviews and more information, visit this link:

3 Mar 2015

Summer is just months apart and I'm excited! My boyfriend and I are intending to going to Balesin, Sagada, Batanes and also Siquijor, and we still have months to save more for our planned schedule! I'd love to share each experience to everyone with pictures of our own crazy adventure this year.

The only thing that makes me sad nevertheless, is that my waterproof camera lost the battle on me few months ago after it was bumped into something, I thought it is a minor bump but that bump is a nasty one that made the camera crack, and it's really hard to think that my trusty camera of 4 years just lost the battle on me.

The good ones that I really like costs too much for me personally, and I am skeptical to have the imitations from China for I'm sure that it'll be a huge waste of money whether or not it's broken. I'm very cautious on my expenses at the moment because of our planned holiday.

That is why I am half-hearted to discover this underwater camera from Metrodeal as much as I want to buy it, I am skeptical. Until I find someone who is going to do a review on their purchase, then this is where I shall be deciding on buying one, until my good friend really bought one.

Heyna, a close friend of mine, told me that this underwater camera is indeed great, especially for underwater shots. Videos are just ok but decent in such a way, so it's kinda passable. She already had her camera for several months already.

So I ordered my camera ahead and I'm now expecting the delivery. I really hope that the camera will be ok with me, will post my own evaluate soon!

For more detailed MetroDeal reviews, check out the link in this article:

17 Feb 2015

As a foodie blogger, I'm always in the look for the crazy food innovations which are now on they hype: CroNuts, Pizzandwich, and much more. The fusion of delicious treats rolled into one is a dream come true especially those who're craving for both treats and molded them together to make it a great magic extravaganza.

This new establishment, the Dessert Cream, offers ice cream sandwich that is made of ice cream and cookies, who would want to believe that these two sinfully delicious sweets can be quite a great mix? Let's call it a married relationship of sorts but for dessert afficionados, it's definitely a good treat.

The promo posted on MetroDeal this 50% off on ice cream sandwich at the Cookie Dream is a sweet treat for the sweet tooth, for it's inexpensive for everyone. For that I can not wait to purchase this deal and have my sweetness overload extravaganza!

For more about Metrodeal reviews, visit the link here:

5 Feb 2015

I love the sights and sounds on the Pahiyas Festival! The food, the houses, the festival and the history says that everything about Quezon is significant for their culture and heritage, and I can't help but to admire them because of the love for their province.

But I'd to admit, going to provinces to get a glimpse of their festivals is indeed expensive because of the transportation allowance, place to rest and dining in, and of course on where to buy low cost but cute souvenirs.

To thing that Metrodeal comes with an offer posted just now: the day package during the Pahiyas Festival is something which really caught my eye coz it's affordable! I can't believe it, with it's inclusions, I think it's a good deal, now I can buy it in a jiff lols!

- Get to know more about Metrodeal reviews here:

23 Jan 2015

My boyfriend and I make it a point that whenever we went on a holiday to Tagaytay, we always ensure that we'll be making an end to our favorite coffee house and bulalohan. While there were times that we should instead find a room for the comfy overnight stay, we see to it that we will maximize our time while we're in Tagaytay.

to admit, I haven't gone to the Sky Ranch. I heard from a friend of mine that going there's more expensive than of buying among the “ride-all-you-can” tickets from Enchanted Kingdom. I feel disheartened after I heard that really, for I really like to ride on the tallest ferris wheel and have a 360 degree view of the Tagaytay highlands.

Good thing though that Metrodeal has offered this amazing deal on the website! With an amazing 62% discount, I can now go for their attraction rides for only 350!

We could only thank this deal with this, I'm planning to buy this deal soon for our future trip to Tagaytay!

For more articles about Metrodeal Reviews, check this link here:

11 Dec 2014

to experience a summer escape is something that i wanted to have for the longest time. Though we might have the company outing on different places that occurs every year, I don't wish to hang out with them anymore for they may be the ones who are triggering me this uncontrollable stress this days.

After being in a relationship for the longest time now, my boyfriend and I need to to have this out-of-town get away, and we're thinking of going to Pangasinan, Zamboanga, Batanes and Sagada. Money is not any issue, but we like to get more souvenirs for our friends after we revisit from our much awaited trip.

Having a trip to the north looks like it's a great idea for us all. We haven't been to a number of places, that is why right after we saw this Pangasinan adventure tour from Metrodeal, we got hooked because it's cheap andit looks fun to us. We immediately bought the vouchers and proceed with the itinerary.

Reading the reviews makes us consider making the purchase first. Metrodeal complaints in some places are making rounds on the world wide web, and good thing that the site itself has a Reader's Digest seal, indicating that they were held as one of the trusted brand this year.

And having said that, I'm convinced that this deal is gonna be perfect for us. And I'm glad that it is all worth it.

Thankful that i got to have this purchase! Looking forward for more purchases soon!

6 Nov 2014

I've been a proud owner of several phones which includes several Nokia phones which is either lost from the pockpockters or with my carelessness. It's hard to think that I've been a careless little girl for losing mobile phones along the way, as I lost a number of phones all my life.

The recent one that I lost is among the gorgeous android phones that I have ever seen. Good thing it came from a local manufacturer, for I got it for the ideal price, given its amazing technical specs. Sadly, it was lost with the hands of the pickpocketers, and I can't help but to cry because of the pictures saved from my mobile phone.

But good to hear that Metrodeal features a Nokia Asha 210 dual sim phone is now available for only P2, 399 pesos. I've heard a lot about Nokia's line of Asha phones and i have been curious on what a windows phone offers to me. Ever since I worked, I've been a fan of both iPhone and Android phones because of its function and style, and its features never does not disappoint me. Added to that are the gaming apps and other applications which can be undeniably useful for everyday use. I just hope that this kind of windows phone never disappoints me.

Somehow, i'm amazed on the actual Nokia Asha 210 itself. The actual keypads reminds me of the former Blackberry and Samsung mobile phone, and it's more faster as compared to my former mobile handles. Good to learn That MetroDeal sells this on their website for 40% off, and i'm now very sure that I'll be having it.

Looking forward to have this phone soon! I Appreciate it Metrodeal for this amazing promo!: D

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25 Oct 2014

I'm always looking forward to visit to Cebu. Great food, great places, friendly people and rich history that goes back to the pre-colonial times. In contrast to Manila, cebu is one of the greatest places to settle in for this feels much safer, and the thing that makes me worried may be the language barrier, for I don't understand how to speak Cebuano.

But I've always been longing for that much-needed family vacation in Cebu! And good thing Metrodeal has this excellent promo at the Europa Mansionette Inn, a spanish-style inn that is situated in the centre of the Cebu metropolis. Its old world charm makes me love this place, and I would love to stay for few days here to explore what Cebu city offers for me.

And another good thing will be that Metrodeal has this deal posted on their site an overnight stay on the Europa Mansionette at 50%off can be a good deal! Now that's really something personally. Now I need to obtain those vouchers and book my flight to Cebu for any relaxing stay for 4 times here.

It's amazing how Metrodeal has this promo that's suited for my tight funds. Now I can afford most of these deals without hurting my budget and I can even access the vouchers and print them everytime using their mobile app. Now that's being creative!: )

now I got my confirmation on the vouchers that I purchased, glad that i made my choice! Can't wait to search now to cebu and to talk about my experience, so till the very next time!: )

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14 Oct 2014

korean food makes me pleased. I love the taste of bibimbap and japchae, and the soothing relief of ramyun. I needed this penchant for anything korean for it's healthy, flavorful and cost-effective than most foreign cuisines which I've tried.

I met up with a friend of mine (who was working near SM Mall of Asia) once and we went to BibimHaru Korean Restaurant. We tried their dishes and I'm delighted on the wonderful dishes and we would love to come back! But we make it a point that we schedule it, or else it'll break our wallets and also cry in grief.

Good thing that Metrodeal has this phenomenal promo! I can now obtain their 300 pesos worth of food and drinks for only 180 pesos! It's a great deal indeed, and shopping for amazing discounts is easy with Metrodeal! So without hesitations, I bought their deal instantly and reserve in advance for me and my friend's dinner date! And we went there days after.

Glad that we made the best choice! Their food is simply delicious and I can't help but to admire the presentation at the same time. The staff are the most welcoming and they're courteous on our needs. Every little thing is amazing indeed.

I love this deal the most! Hoping for more purchases by Metrodeal soon!: )

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25 Sep 2014

It's already rainy season and I wanna have a quick getaway from the city even of it's only for a day. Weird as it may seems, but I wanna swim for the entire day and have fun along with #LeBeau, for after we managed to graduate from college and started doing the job, we don't have any moment together except on weekends as well as holidays. Our erratic work schedules is often a total BS for us.

And since we thought of having an instant getaway, he saw this promo from Metrodeal: a day or night accomodation from Coolwaves Ranch and Waterpark Resort is we're looking for! A quick getaway to Bulacan is something we need, and I like the fact the rates are affordable!

Knowing from its reviews, it has positive scores from their patrons. Their rooms are clean, they had amennities that other resorts does not have, the place looks relaxing and the slides are just... wow. The rates are also affordable, and it's even made more cheaper because of the promo from Metrodeal. That is why we opted to buy this deal no matter what, and we'll definitely go for this!

We bought their overnight promo that is also included in this deal, went there and spent the rest of the day swimming, eating and having a good time! We've never had this type of bonding moment after we graduated, that is why this one is special to me.

Thank you Metrodeal with this wonderful promo. We'll definitely opt for you next time!: )

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16 Sep 2014

It's good to have my cousin back! He works as a nurse in one of several known restaurants in Chicago, Illinois and glad that he's now at home here in Manila! For sure he missed all of the delectable Filipino dishes here, and I wanna give him the very best that we could offer with regard to him.

He loves food! My dearest cousin is really a foodie like me, and he supports my career as being a food blogger. He always asked me for restaurants which have been top-notch, and we always have your dinner in whenever needed. That is why after I heard rave reviews about Zarsuela Filipino Cuisine, I know that this is a perfect place for us to dine while using the family.

Another thing that I came across out is their promo coming from Metrodeal! The voucher stated i can avail on the 50% off on their dishes for only 499 pesos! So i bought 4 vouchers so which i could include the family also in this great event! Consequently without hesitations, went on together with my purchase.

I'm glad of which everything went well. Service is a plus and their dishes are delectable as usual. I couldn't look for more, and I would love to return for more. And I'm thankful for Metrodeal because of this amazing deal! Will definitely check on their other promos soon!

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6 Sep 2014

SumoSam has become my one of my favorite Japanese restaurants flourishing throughout the country. Freshly cooked dishes continues to be always the best for everybody, and their Japanese fusion meals never ceases to thrills me in an effective way.

But the downside of their particular deliciously sumptuous meals is that- these folks were all pricey. I can't help but to feel sad which i can only afford it through payday, and not during the times where I'm seriously craving for yummy set meals that are deliciously good till the last bite.

Good thing that there's this excellent promo from MetroDeal, where they offer 55% off on the set meals from SumoSam Podium branch. After I saw this from Metrodeal, I know that it's gonna be described as a deal worth buying for.

Well, i bought 2 vouchers for everyone and for my boyfriend, called the restaurant for reservations and traveled to The Podium to avail on our SumoSam purchase from Metrodeal. Everything is so really easy, and the staff is helpful to us.

What I really love about this deal is that they can had huge portions on the set meals each set meal is actually good for two, but since there was a huge appetite, we opted to own set meal each for ourselves lol!

I love this , its service and the rapid transactions! I never had any issues with my purchases from Metrodeal, and I'll be coming back for more of the deals soon!

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28 Aug 2014

I love to drive, the adrenaline rush is something that I really like to experience everytime I'm in my car and whan i'm on my way to my destination. Somehow, the gruelling traffic is getting in my nerves and to await for minutes (sometimes hours) be in my destination is frustrating. Totally getting in my nerves.

I also had missed playing race-related games: GTO, Grand Theft Auto... the list continues and on as I finished all the games in my console. This is my only escape to the reality that's the stressful traffic who would want to deal with the 4-hr travel time from Makati to Quezon City anyway? And yeah, EDSA sucks huge time.

Then a friend of mine invited me to experience a Go Kart in Makati. The place is just a few minutes away from my workplace, and I would want to drive fast like I'm in a race itself! He bought his vouchers via Metrodeal where he bought it at more than half a price, now that's a whole lot! I asked him for information on his purchase and asked him whether it's a scam, but in truth it turned out to be a smooth-sailing deal! We went inside City Cart Racing with ease.

Why did I asked whether it's a scam? I've read some reviews about Metrodeal being such an ass on their deals, but since we availed for this treat, it only means that it's a purely legit deal! Not only did he only paid half an original price on this deal, we also had a great City kart experience! Never thought that it was fun too, it was like i'm in a racing game hehehe.: P

for this I was convinced to visit MetroDeal and shop for my own discounted vouchers soon!

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16 Aug 2014

I don't want an attractive, trendy, affordable bag" SAID NO WOMAN EVER! Women's bags are just like the extension of our selves, it can show who we are to be a person. That's how important bags are in my opinion. i've been collecting bags all my entire life, small bags, big bags, low-cost bags, expensive bags, transparent, colourful, triangular bags, name it we have every size, shape & shade of bag. i love bags! i mean what kind connected with woman doesn't? right? recently i have been drawn to Longchamps, their usefulness, you can use anywhere, at any time look is what gets me personally. They are very simple yet stylish in a way that the saying "simplicity exudes elegance" is really shown in their bags. Simply because Metrodeal has this great deal on Longchamps; Longchamp LM cuir travel bag for P6999 instead of P22500, made my heart miss a beat. It was obtainable in all 5colors and i wished to get every color they have got! LM cuirs are very transportable, spacious inside & not only that it look sophisticated & fashionable due to the classy light embossed quilted design. what more could you hunt for in a travel bag? and another thing; if your hands & arms are full this Longchamp LM Cuir travel bag comes with a extra shoulder strap attached on the sides, which is very perfect for busy travellers like me. This run-way ready & travel- worthy bag could be mine for only P6999! what a great deal!!!

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5 Aug 2014

As they all say, the hair could be the crowning glory of every girl. I have been a enthusiast of tony and jackey salon. They have been taking treatment of my hair ever since and I have already been treated like a princess, but the downside to that was it absolutely was costing me a lot! Don’t misunderstand me every cent is worth of this everytime I leave their salon but I recently wish they’d charge me less and even give me a discount. I avail their digital perm, meaning atleast every three months I would pay about P8000. It is very costly particularly if you really want shiny, clean & soft, perfect curls. I was really, really happy when I discovered that the hair blessing rebond or perhaps digital perm and haircut by class products at tony & jackey for P2999 from METRODEAL. It was perfect as it was already time for me to obtain my hair done again! I obtained 2 vouchers since it is usually valid from july 19 to October 19, 2014 which made it far more better because since its three months apart! Woohoo! Thanks so much metrodeal! Tony & jackey here I come!

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22 Jul 2014

Having a date with my dad is best and it is more special when you are in a luxurious cruise. While checking my email I stumbled upon out this deal in Metrodeal - Buffet Dinner On board, since our last dinner with dad was ages ago so I made a decision to treat him on a Exclusive Yacht Dinner. Well I don't earn that much and you guys achieved it by giving us a large discount 94% off. Where do you want to find that big discount with no hidden charges? Of course only through Metrodeal.

I really want to impress dad that so I told him to avoid wasting a day for me so we could have a dinner, and whenever we went there all the workers were great, everything was so perfect and in many cases the food it was being a class A quality and please note that my dad was very, very hard to please but he really enjoyed the night time and he knows that the dinner was so expensive and also he even asked me about my salary.

I am making this review because I must share my best experience in Metrodeal, hassle free transaction. I had a thrilling time with my dad and I managed to get the best dinner and the top price in town. Now my father thinks that I earn big time just like a boss!

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3 Jul 2014

To find out a speciar group buying web site providing phony specials is similar to currently being inside a particular gag show such as “Wow Mali” -- but it just got even worse.

Being an avid internet marketer and shopper, to shop on the web is the easiest way to acquire upon stuff I'm keen on, along with most of the group buying sites which We have viewed provides drop-down rates which have been so seductive We wanna buy them all, all due to discount.

But this particular special discounts can be oh-so misleading! Unless you research before you buy on group buying web sites you will end up caught in a dilemma associated with fake goods, substandard expenses, substandard itineraries and bad services. This specific allows you to know that this specific web site is really a important ripoff, definitely not taking your money's value. And you'll imagine that you'll somewhat pay an original price compared to to obtain the item for just a discount in exchange for the weak service plus much more.

This is the reason whenever My spouse and i look for party getting web sites wherever I possibly could obtain cheaper goods and even more, I always search for the following:

On-line critiques a friend connected with acquire that is additionally the on the web haggler is obviously seeking with brand new web-sites that has for sale lower services and products. The thing she actively seeks is reviews. Testimonails from others how your website functions plus the providers which they could possibly provide is usually another thing that needs to be witnessed through all, with the consumer's activities are usually authentic along with up to date, in case undesirable evaluations are witnessed, every person has to be cautious in getting on that will website. Bad reviews should likewise become a wake-up require people sites intended for they have to improve on their solutions and also the merchandise that they can present on-line.

one excellent sample is visible at:

Social media raves social networking is usually a strong device, announcement are usually rapidly spreading by means of zynga, twitting along with with some other internet sites that the majority of us all are applying. Feedback in regards to the subject matter method can be multiply by way of these mediums, and also the facts that individuals are looking for is visible effortlessly as a result of most of these internet websites.

Boards on-line chats can be useful within in search of opinions along with ideas on various things. So that as to me, now i'm in search of on the internet talk websites which talks about opinions about every little thing.

Referral marketing study from those who truly bought the deal towards internet site per se, his or her reviews in addition to their own guidelines.

Nicely that is the item persons, here is the hint, trust it can be a good choice for many
. : )

21 Jun 2014

For several weeks i have been looking for one thing unique to do for our very first wedding anniversary. My husband and i are usually thrill searchers but have not really had much adventure. I just think that 1st wedding anniversaries are really special, it really is like a 2nd honeymoon vacation. My partner and i was so pleased after i discovered this kind of package in metrodeal, 3days/2nights el nido adventure along with accommodation, airfare, breakfast, as well as island hopping, and the most wonderful thing about that's the price is incredibly reasonable just P5799 each person. Such a excellent great deal for a very special day. Exactly what much better way to enjoy our special day, and i know that my better half simply deserves the very best. Very good reviews from your guys is likely to make your company last!

Thanks for reading my review, and my wonderful experience at El Nido!

10 Jun 2014

my highschool close friends is actually having a reunion in addition to i had been designated to look for a new eating place together with excellent meal, cozy atmosphere,and also affordable cost. It took me at the least a month to find a place simply because all of the warm restaurant together with excellent foodmeal were pricey. i never actually looked into searching in group buying sites due to the fact i did not truly understand how that worked, but eventually i did try & holy moly i discovered a deal that was perfect! Metrodeal was featuring a P300 worth of scrumptous italian meals at burp restaurant for only P149. Availing the actual voucher was effortless breezy! i simply keyed in my credit card & viola, print out the actual coupons and done! Ready for our reunion wooho! i never believed tha group buying websites would certainly help me, I was so delighted i tried! Good Reviews and good price.

Thanks for reading my reviews! <3

27 May 2014

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Teas of all sorts is one thing that I adore. Hot tea, iced teas, milk teas and even bubble teas are kinda relaxing to my senses, particularly when i'm getting one particular in between breaks. That is definitely why immediately after I saw the Lai-an bubble tea promo from Metrodeal, I believed it was a terrific deal indeed, for it could only be purchased for only 89 pesos.

For me, teas is a good alternative to coffee, and it's healthy too. It is relaxing for me to have one particular for it relaxes me to the core. As opposed to in coffee, teas can destress me particularly on instances when I require to work more on my projects. I like the mild taste too. :)

following checking on various blog reviews and testimonials, who would have believed that the deal that I bought from Metrodeal is such a God-send? I saved so much for this treat, for milk teas are my guilty pleasure and I enjoy it so much it literally hurts me towards the core. (blame it on my hyperacidity and heartburn attacks!)

Anyhow, I will certainly come back for far more. Will check on other metrodeal reviews for other bargains that I can acquire soon!

20 May 2014

Many thanks so much Metrodeal for this Buffet 101 offer! Everyone as well as my family celebrated my Grandmother’s 82nd birthday, she actually enjoyed the idea as well as the buffet place was very presentable. 2 weeks before her birthday celebration I was really having a difficulty where to celebrate it mainly because I was her favorite grandchild so i had been assigned to find a great restaurant that has inexpensive price because we were 11 in the family and our budget were not that big. While browsing websites I discovered this ads of Metrodeal in yahoo and google so i checked out it and read good reviews in Metrodeal. While surfing around their package I discovered Buffet 101 and I quickly bought my own voucher and I called my family to get their own voucher.

When we arrived there in the restaurant they were incredibly accommodating, they actually had great foodl & officially 2 weeks ago I recently quit my dieting! All of us truly had fun on my grandmother’s birthday, everything was great and my family will really purchase a lot more deals in Metrodeal. You guys rock!! Now I’m looking for a cardio machine to shed the weight that i gained.

Glad that I made a choice, the reviews about Metrodeal are indeed true!

15 May 2014

Having my summer beach body is not an easy task & regular visits to the gym is not actually enough. I need to to exercise even in the comfort of my own home but cannot actually pay for to purchase high priced workout machines. Gladly when i checked out Metrodeal’s website I discovered this type of ab training conditioning equipment. For only P1989 i could have the body & abs of my dreams! Forget about month-to-month charges from the expensive health and fitness center, simply quick access in your house along with I really could have lean abdominal muscles. Allow me to surely attack this beach front come early come early july & display the hard steel ab muscles! More Power Metrodeal!

Oh and btw, glad that Metrodeal had so many reviews, many would say that they had a good experience upon buying on their selected deals from the website. I say that this is my own personal review from metrodeal, glad that I made a choice!

8 May 2014

And the summer time season is undoubtedly a major deal along with my loved ones. We definitely be certain that we spend it some spot that is entertaining and thrilling and worth each and every penny. Now I am definitely delighted I discovered that Boracay Package in Metrodeal. Based on the review posted on one of the sites, the deal is only P3999, a luxurious vacation in Boracay Beach Crown Regency and it's for 4 people exactly for me, my husband & our little ones. Obtaining trip along with my loved ones was relaxing furthermore I paid for all of them in a very low price fyet discovering the smile in my personal kids experience were the best, I mean that this is the one thing that money can't buy.. Thanks so much Metrodeal for giving me one of my personal greatest trip in addition to my loved ones, Most likely you're going to get far more excellent review from the website and more customers.

12 Apr 2014

I've truly forever recently been interested through correct tresses & to your major time period Image aiming to take into consideration some sort of cosmetic salon that individuals sense i could in all honesty rely on, some form of salon of which appears to be respected & will give a reasonable expense considering Locks rebond may be genuinely high in price. Consequently I came across this kind of package regarding curly hair rebond offer caused by Metrodeal, since i by now understood Salon de San Lorenzo within Makati, When i understood this seemed to be your instant!

We believed I did in order to take advantage on the package as it has been only for P999 & the item is included with warm gas, haircut, wash, & blow dried out! Exactly what a good deal is usually almost all I'm able to assert! Manufactured My partner and i traveled to Beauty salon de San Lorenzo with Makati every little thing seemed to be best, effortless, breezy exchange while using the product owner. While not only that the actual locks considered fantastic! Good thing My spouse and i proceed through Metrodeal reviews. I will certainly apply for much more discount rates within Metrodeal, thanks to its great reviews!

13 Mar 2014

I know for a fact that chocolates are particularly terrible for my health, due to my impending heartburn attacks that nearly killed me. But I never mind getting dead as a result of the mouthwatering chocolate delights that I usually had. After all, I had my stash of medicines with me just in case my heartburn strikes again.

Following I tried getting truffles in all sorts from 1 of my persistent suitors, I admit that I fell in really like using the decadence and richness of M3's chocolate truffles. This set of chocolate balls are good in every bite - soft, velvety, creamy and delicious. It genuinely is heaven on earth in each bite.

But sadly, truffles are amongst the expensive desserts that I've ever had. Good point metrodeal has this amazingly affordable promo for only 199 pesos, definitely a value for money! I bought two vouchers on this deal in order that I could have four boxes of this deliciously-tasting truffles at half the cost!

Based on the MetroDeal reviews that I've studied so far, they had essentially the most number of positive critiques than on other group buying web pages that also features a exact same number of damaging critiques, in which I discover that it kinda terrifying to look at. Just after some careful beliefs and analysis, I decided to give them a try.

Following on the acquiring two vouchers from Metrodeal, I picked up the chocolates in the address posted around the Metrodeal website and delight around the most scrumptious truffles that I've ever tasted. The truffles are oh-so divine! This remarkable deal is so worth the money, for it makes me believe that I had a buy-one-take-one deal! I'm happy that Metrodeal are generous enough to possess this heaven-on-earth deal, it is a match made in heaven!

23 Jan 2014

Aside from swimming, I wanna study ways to use self defense in case troubles cease around me. It is never ever too late to have one, especially at this time exactly where crime can happen exactly where you least expect it.

The promo from Metrodeal that I saw last time concerning the muay thai, judo, boxing or brazilian jiu-jitsu sure appears tempting - I had a pal who does muay thai, my sister does boxing and some of my classmates is into judo right now and all of them are now fab, healthy, fit, and powerful. And since the workout routines mentioned is often used for self defense, it can be used in instances of trouble.

The factor that I like from metrodeal is the quantity of posted bargains. From restaurants to getaways to exciting activities to amazing items and quite a few others, the possibilities are endless. What I am seeking is posted on their web site. I'm also amazed on their reviews as well, as stated in one of the Metrodeal review that I've studied some time ago, they got it all in their web page. And it certainly is!

Buying the voucher is as quick as 1-2-3. I paid for the deal by making use of my trusty debit card, printed the vouchers from my account, called KMA fitness in Makati for reservations and get within the brazilian jiu jitsu lessons. My sensei (instructor) taught us students the fundamentals, on how the brazilian jiu-jitsu is different from other kinds of jiu-jitsu, the core dynamics, the starter exercises and numerous much more! It sure is difficult, but it is a exciting workout!

I by no means believed that I could enjoy bazilian jiu-jitsu this much, and I got the lessons at 77% off! I'm glad that I had this deal at such a enormous discount, thanks again to Metrodeal! Seeking forward to get more of one's offers once more!


Check out this article here:

17 Dec 2013

I fought lengthy and tough in buying a longchamp bag that I saw on Metrodeal. Ive been hearing news that there are some on-line shopping web pages and daily deal web-sites that happen to be selling fake luxury bags at such a drop down value, one thing that buyers can not resist. the on that I saw at Metrodeal is often a genuine steal as a result of its amazingly drop-down cost, but as I stated, I’m actually skeptical on this one mainly because the price is so good to be true.

But I’ve reading on several metrodeal review about their encounter on their purchased deals and how happy they may be in the merchandise that they received and on how smooth the transactions are. In addition they had a longchamp bag posted on their internet site, that’s why I'm torn in having the bag in the internet site or not…

and ultimately, I purchased the bag out of curiosity.

I wanna be sure if they are promoting the actual ones. I've been a consumer for years already, and I never ever had a bad practical experience in purchasing their food offers. I haven't attempted acquiring for any goods actually, and this bag is my very first product purchase from MetroDeal.

As the bag arrived, I asked my pal margaret to assist me check out the bag if it's true or not. She has a great deal of designer bags in tow, and she knows bags much more that I did. margaret is also a proud owner of a longchamp de pliage bag, that way I can examine the bag that I bought to hers.

We each checked around the handles, leather texture, the stitches, zippers, the color, the smell, its markings and some hidden genuine marks, they're all there. she is shocked on my impulse buy, she told me that it's a genuine deal. Well I am by far the most shocked of them all, I in no way thought that I scored a genuine Longchamp le pliage bag at half the price tag, courtesy of metrodeal! Glad that I've read the metrodeal reviews and satisfied that like people that made those reviews, I am satisfied with my obtain!

I commended Metrodeal for their fantastic customer support, speedy transactions, cost-effective deals and genuine goods that they offer, looking forward for a lot more purchases to come!

4 Dec 2013

My eating habits and stubbornness has made me had my rheumatic arthritis. Little did I know about my sickness till I noticed that my knees and my feet are killing me, especially around the joints. I scheduled a week ahead for my check-up and this is what I identified from my doctors soon after performing some lab tests. Crazy as it sounds but just after I heard about the symptoms I was shocked that my favorite things to consume has brought on this torment.

I only want to unsickly. I'm trying my very best to not indulge on my favorite treats which has caused my rheumatic arthritis. But for now I'm trying to find alternative solutions to feel more improved.

And the rheumatic arthritis patch from metrodeal came as a blessing in disguise. I saw this patch some time ago in the neighborhood drug shop and it was highly-priced! The one posted on the stated group buying web page sells it half the price, but i've been skeptical on purchasing anything on the web for I have never observed the item and I might get the defective one in particular. But i'll take my chance and acquire this patch for a test drive.

As the patch arrived, I used it around the impacted region and it soothes my aching muscle tissues quickly. It relaxes my muscles and I find it therapeutic. It includes a 3-4 hour effect, perfect for joint pains.

I also gave the additional patches to my dad and mom, and they're happy that they adore the item! It provides a lot more relief and comfort for the said patch last longer than on other cold patches which are readily available on drug stores.

Glad that I made my choice! It is a great move to purchase these patches from MetroDeal, A must buy for sure!

26 Oct 2013

I simply love everything huggable, cute and fluffy. I adore stuffed toys more than I love my usual pillow, for it gives me comfort and peace everytime I'm with my furry stuffies. If you were to asked me, I prefer bunny rabbit and teddy bear stuffed toys for they are the most lovable thing in the world. I'm actually looking for something that looks more life-sized than the little ones that can be put in my home desk so that I could place them beside my bed where I can hug them while I'm on a deep sleep.

I saw a life-sized teddy bear on one of the well-known specialty stores at the mall, but I find it expensive! To have the life-sized toy for 5000 pesos is too much for me, and Im thinking that the buyers will also think of the same thing if they see the price mark for the giant teddy bear. I think it's not worth the money.

A friend of mine who happens to be a sucker for everything cheap and worthy, told me about the MetroDeal promo: this fluffy, gigantic and lovable teddy bear can be bought for only P1699! After checking out this promo it looks so too good to be true, but it really is! The 4 ft. 5in. Stuffed toy is almost the same as the teddy bear that I saw at the novelty store and a friend of mine who bought this beforehand grab ahold on this gigantic bear and loved it! It looks so soft and fluffy and beautiful, perfect for hugging during my sad times and a bedmate at night. It made me convinced to purchase the voucher and wait for it to deliver my baby bear right in front of my doorstep.

I've known Metrodeal as one of the leading online shopping sites around that offers travels, wellness and restaurants discounts, and it's also surprising to see them selling this lovable teddy bear and all kinds of helpful gadgets and household products on their website! That's why I'm happy that they had this up on their site!

As the giant teddy bear arrived, I can't help but to hug the giant fluffy toy. I fell in love as I looked at the toy. The bear is so fluffy and beautiful and lovely. It fits perfectly beside my bed, definitely a perfect bedtime companion (and an imaginary boyfriend) for me.

Thanks so much Metrodeal for having this amazing teddy bear deal on their website! :)

22 Oct 2013

Being Chinese, it's natural for us not to have double eyelids and long eyelashes. I always make an effort to recreate one by buying falsies and eyelid glue/tape especially on special events. But there are some times that I wanted to have them both on a daily basis. I always envy those who are born to have eyelids and long, seductive lashes that makes one's eyes shine, making them look flirty and lustful to those who stare on them.

They say that the eyes are the window to one's soul. My friends always told me that I had a perfect pair of Chinese eyes, something that is most common to us chinese. But for them, it can add sparkle to my eyes by having falsies so that it can highlight them. I have no problem buying a set of falsies if it's needed, but it's a hassle to apply them to my eyes everyday! Some say that it's more natural to have individual lashes instead, but it'll took a long time to apply each individual piece in my poorly small eyes.

My friend Macci told me that if I wanted to have lashes that'll stay to my eyes for a very long time without the pain in the ass, having them on the eyelash salon is the best thing to go. I'm having second thoughts at first, for I've no idea on the procedure itself. I researched for this and good thing that it's safe for the eyes, but it's really costly. Good thing Metrodeal offered this amazing eyelash extensions deal in 60% off! it's more than half the price!

Now what's to offer on this cheap treat? It's a good thing for lash extension newbies who wants to experience having long, seductive and lustful lash extensions that'll make everyone look for a long time. It has a full, but less condensed coverage that makes one's eyes look fresh without having a “drag queen” look. Their clinic locations, especially in Ortigas is cozy, clean and homey. I'm pleased that it has it's own share of good reviews from various beauty blogs, and this made me convinced to buy on this amazing promo and buy vouchers from the Metrodeal site.

The process is fast yet precise: they placed each lashes piece-by-piece and have it glued on the top of my eyes. It took less than an hour for the whole procedure and I love the effect it does in my eyes! It feels like magic, it looks lavish and beautiful and seductive, makes me feel like i'm some kind of a fierce kitty lol!

Overall, I love the expert staff, the end result and of course the irrestistable promo posted on Metrodeal! I'm one happy customer!

11 Sep 2013

The rainy season is back once again and it's gonna be hard to have your clothes dry. I'm not usually use my washing machine's dryer to dry them all out, for my mom always tell me that it's best to hang all the washed clothes outside the house to make sure that all of my dresses, skirts and shirts are all dry.

But whenever there are sudden rains and downpour around the Metro, I had to admit that it'll be a hassle getting all the clothes from the clothesline and thinking on where to place the almost-dried clothes. During the sudden rains, I worry on the soiled clothes, and hanging them all to dry inside the house is a problem. We only have a small place and to create one to become a makeshift clothesline is a major burden for us.

I've been looking for possible solutions on this one, until I saw this clothes rack from Metrodeal:

I think having this one is convenient for us, especially during the rainy season. The two-way clothes rack is an great addition to the house, and it's usable in so many ways especially at this rainy season. It can be used as a temporary space for ironed clothes and as an in-house clothesline. It is also strong and durable for it can hold lots of jackets, clothes, dresses and many more. And because of its mobile features, it can be moved anywhere in and outside the house.

I'm finally convinced that I'll be getting the adjustable clothes rack from Metrodeal after reading the features from their website. I went straight to their website and buy the product in an instant. I followed the directions that is indicated in the website and waited for a week to have it delivered to our house. After I had it received and assembled, It makes me think that it's all worth it. It really is helpful in so many ways, especially at times like these.

I tried using the clothes rack one time after a sudden thunderstorm hit our place. Good thing that I got our laundry before it rains really hard. After getting the clothes from the clothesline, I immediately hang them on the clothes rack and have all my clothes air dried for the entire night. Because of its space-saving feature, I don't have to worry on my almost-dried-up clothes hanging everywhere.

Ergonomic design, great product, reasonable price, useful features. I am so thankful that Metrodeal has this product posted on their website. So happy indeed!

7 Sep 2013

My dad loves to do do-it-yourself projects at the same time. He loves doing diverse types of DIY projects, handicrafts and even artsy stuff. That is why our place has too many handyman supplies, handicraft materials and many others.

What I hate about it is the fact that he's having a hard time using too many tools at the same time. He has a lot of tools already: a hammer, set of screws, a set of knives, pieces of clamps, nail claws and many others. He doesn't use everything, just few of them for his projects. I'm really sad that his things looks like a mess whenever he's looking for a specific tool for his work.

That is why it came to my mind to find something that can be handy for all of us. Good thing that I stumbled to MetroDeal and saw this amazing deal:

Too many useful supplies in one piece! This multifunctional tool can be used as a pliers, hammer,small/large knife , nail claw, serrated blade, nail file, wire cutter, phillips/slotted screwdriver and a bottle opener. This usable tool looks durable too for it's made of stainless steel. Because of its sleek and compact structure, it is guaranteed to last for a long time.

And since it's my dad's birthday in a few days, I decided to purchase this amazing product in the MetroDeal site. Went to the deal itself and click on the “buy now button”. I've never been so excited before on my purchases online until today. After all, this one's for my daddy dearest.

Few weeks after I bought this deal, I finally got the handy handy hammer tool at our doorstep. Oh how I love how durable the product is and the quality is great, it makes me think that it's all worth it. And I only got this for only 299 pesos, it's a steal for me. Helpful gadget friendly price = real steal.

As I handed this to my dad, he was surprised and happy that I got this from him. He loves the handy hammer tool to bits! Daddy used the gift that I gave to him the next day on his next DIY project and the tool never left his side ever since. I'm exalted that dad loves this.

I am one happy customer, MetroDeal has been a great help in having unique and handy products being posted in their site. Hope that I could see more deals like this in their site soon!

24 Aug 2013

I always think that white, flawless underarms is a scene stealer. I remember watching my friend's theater performance one day and weird as it may seem, but I can't help but to stare her lovely underarms than on her performance per se. I love the thought of wearing sleeveless shirts, tank tops bandeaus and tube tops and raise your arms with ease, without worring about your dark, hairy bushes hidden under my arms.

But alas, dark underarms has been my forever problem for as long as I remember. I tried plucking, shaving and even using underarm whitening creams to achieve my lifelong dream of having white underarms. After making several attempts, I got no luck in achieving this. Having flawless underarms is definitely not for me.

I know that all of the discount deals on IPLs and underarm whitenings on different websites are usually takes place in Ortigas and Makati, and it's far enough for me. I've been living in marikina all my life, and I usually travel from our place to makati for 2-3hrs. I I don't wanna pay extra for my transportation, just to have this procedure done. I'm still hoping to find a discount voucher like this one where it's just a minutes ride from our place and where I can go on weekends.

Then this news came. Doc Lawrence clinic, one of the well-known beauty clinic in our area has a promo posted on MetroDeal. The skin whitening treatment and IPL hair removal is a match made in heaven for me, for it's only a few blocks away from my place and it only cost 99 pesos, definitely a steal! I have heard so much about the said clinic and I was astonished on the results from them. And because Metrodeal has this deal posted on their site, I bought 10 vouchers from the site and reserve a slot from the clinic.

I went there and the corteous assisted to the room where the IPL and whitening procedure takes place. The attendant who will did the procedure has put me at ease, for I thought that the IPL treatment was THAT scary, but it's not. The IPL wasn't painful and is fast, and the whitening treatment is ok for me.

After the session, I happy that my skin is more lighter and more cleaner. The attendant who does the procedure told me that it's a good thing that I bought 10 vouchers from metrodeal for it took 10 sessions to see the best results, and I can't wait for my next session so that I can have that dream of having a flawless, white underarms in the soonest possible time!

I'm so happy that Metrodeal has got this offer up and running on their site, wee!

Check out Metrodeal!

15 Aug 2013

I love how cuisines inspired from Spain captivate me to the core, for its unique aroma has conquered my heart and my tastebuds. Now what makes me want to come back for more?

This is my love story between me and Ebun, a cozy, spanish-inspired restaurant situated at the prestigious SM MOA. Located at one of the busiest districts, Ebun is a great place to dine in and to have fun while feasting the eyes to the scenery around the prestigious SM Mall of Asia. I've already went here few weeks ago, and I like the ambience and the food of the whole place. And as for the prices it was a 50/50 for me. Not too pricey, and not too cheap as well.

I was surprised to see Ebun having a promo in Metrodeal, one of the renowned group buying sites around the city. On the deal itself, you can have 1000 pesos worth of food and drinks for only 600 pesos, and I think it's a great catch!

“Why on Metrodeal? I ask I heard so much about this certain group buying site that offers everything at the discount, mostly on half the price. After reading some of the reviews on the blogs about them I've been curious for what they have to offer, for I've been afraid that the site itself is a scam, well let's wait and see to try it out.

I purchased 2 deals from them, booked for reservations and went to Ebun on my reserved date with my friends. I better try this deal to experience this firsthand.

Me and my friends meet up and went to Ebun, and good thing that I called to reserve a slot for us or else we will wait for our turn for hours! The restaurant itself is crowded, and I was a surprise for me at that night. The waiter courteously assisted us to the table reserved for us and I told them about the voucher that I purchased from Metrodeal. They asked me my ID and the printed voucher for validation and voila! It was all valid! :)

We enjoyed everything from Ebun using that voucher that I bought from them and we all love their entrees, from their served yummy appetizers to the main feast to the dinner itself. Not only did I love the company of friends that I have on that day, but also on the amount of food that we ate. Because of the half the price deal from them, we tend to order more food. Oh boy it was a feast to remember!

I am so happy that I bought the promo from Metrodeal, it was so worth it! :)

21 May 2013

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My boyfriend Nico and I have been together for three years, and to celebrate our upcoming anniversary and valentines day, we decided to take a break and program our getaway to Subic in Tarlac.

Taking a look at the evaluations and blogs, the stated hot air balloon fiesta is actually a feast towards the eyes of everyone who desires to witness diverse colorful and whimsical hot air balloons that can fly up to the sky. Audiences also includes a possibility to determine airplane acrobats soaring by means of the sky plus the opportunity to ride the hot air balloon itself, and that's what I'm really looking for within the trip, for certain it'll be an event to recall.

But what worries us each would be the expenses. The entrance to the hot air balloon fiesta price 250 pesos each, along with the one-way bus ride will fees 500 pesos every single, now that's plenty of dollars for us. We are trying to find ways to save income for our future endeavors and simultaneously delight in every little thing that we had ideal now. I can not ask for anything more.

A widespread pal of ours saw this deal posted on Metrodeal and she told us about it. It was a trip for the hot air balloon fiesta, comprehensive with round trip bus transfers from Manila to Subic and back, and sidetrips towards the Bat kingdom and Duty Absolutely free shops for only 2249 pesos, I assume it is a good deal! The voucher deal also contains entrance for the Hot air balloon fiesta, Ocean adventure park and Dinosaur island, services in the tour guide and tour coordinator for inquiries, and travel insurance just in case if there's any scenarios which will however come about even though around the road. This can be why we avail from the voucher and went to Subic for the awesome event this coming anniversary and Valentine's day.

We went for the bus station at around 2am and arrived at Clark at about 5am. As we arrived at the festival location, we're all in awe at the astounding spectacle of hot air balloons in various colors, shapes and sizes floating in the early morning.

Every little thing is perfect. The hot air balloon flights, aeromodeling demonstrations, ultralights, aircraft demonstrations, daredevil paraglider pilots and skydivers are all incredible, a feast to the eyes indeed! I also appreciate our sidetrip towards the Ocean adventure park, Bat kingdon and Dinosaurs island, and of course our speedy check out for the Duty totally free shops and splurge on export goods at a discount price. :)

I never believed that I will appreciate the whole adventure a great deal. Every thing is really a feast for the eyes for me and my boyfriend, and this practical experience is one thing that I will not overlook, even to get a lifetime. Thank you dear boyfriend, for making me feel like a kid once again, and to Metrodeal also for obtaining this wonderful deal posted on their website! :)

13 May 2013

Who wants to have dull, lifeless hair? My hair looks a crazy mess ever since I plan on having my hair rebonded and experienced a traumatic hairy ordeal at our salon nearby. After what happened, my hair looks like the strands of the broom, it's really scary! XD that epic fail experience makes me don't want to trust my hair to any salons and parlors, ever again!

But I keep on being envious on every girls who has Beautiful hair. A lot of my friends were lucky enough to have their hair treated well, and I really envy their long, straight locks and bouncy curls.

I really wish to have wavy, bouncy locks like those from international beauty queens. Everytime I watch international beauty contests like Miss International, Miss Universe and Miss World, they always have silky soft and wavy curls that bounces everytime they walked at the stage. I absolutely love the look that even my friends told me that having my perm digipermed really suits me than having rebonded hair. That's why they told me to have faith in having my hair treated in salons again. I asked for help in finding the suitable parlors that has the reputation in making the hair look like new and are also friendly to the budget. So we searched for salons and beauty parlors that has both the hair treatments that I am looking for.

While we were doing our research, we saw this promo posted on Metrodeal about the permanent blowdry or digital perming with scalp massage and hair detox for only 999 pesos from Actitud Salon, and I think it's a great catch! Digiperms costs less than 2000 pesos and this bundle can save me a lot. Another advantage for me is that the salon has the reputation of taking care of the customer's hair. So I took the risk on having my hair into the hands of the salon stylist again.

So I bought the Metrodeal voucher, placed an appointment and went to the parlor. Their friendly receptionist lead me to to my chair and let them do their job for the hair detox , digital perm and scalp massage. The whole treatment lasted for almost 2 hours and I really love the end result! My hair looks shiny and bouncy, and with the included hair treatments My hair will surely be beautiful for a long time.

My friends and family are now telling me that I now got what it takes to be a beauty queen, thanks to the work done by Actitud Salon and for the wonderful voucher from Metrodeal, I am so looking forward for more affordable deals from them soon!

Check out Metrodeal for more affordable deals!

27 Apr 2013

I hate it when I had to wear shirts and dress without sleeves because of my horrible underarms! it makes me feel uneasy to raise my arms whenever I wear one during vacations and on parties. Of course we all know how unbearable our weather is especially during the summer season, and wearing sleeves during those hot days makes me feel sweaty throughout the day.

I don't have any problems when it comes to sweaty underarms. It’s just that my underarms are... well not that fair and it's not that dark either. I blame myself for being such a fan of shaving and plucking when I was young, where I get so irritated on my growing crazy hair on that part. As much as I would like to do it everyday, still my schedule doesn't want me to do it.

A friend of mine told me that the best way to get rid of dark underarms and stubborn underarm hair is to get an IPL. I did my research on what IPL does to the skin and it looks like it’s a great way to eliminate dark underarms and underarm hair - permanently! But this process proves to be pricey for this is one permanent procedure. Until she told me that I can find one that is less costly at the Metrodeal site.

So I opened and searched for the best IPL and underarm whitening treatments and my, I was surprised on the vast number of deals posted on their website! from getaways to restaurants to spas to products, looking at their deals is tempting for me. :D

But anyway, I clicked on the ‘Spa, beauty and wellness’ section and looked on the things that I need. The one from Pink2pink Face and Body Skin Care Center is a perfect match for me for it offers both the treatments that I am looking for. I availed at the offer posted on their website and scheduled an appointment to have a freshly cleaned underarms.

I went to my appointment being scheduled to the clinic at their Pasay branch and their clinic was small yet clean. their attendant was courteous and directed me to the room where their whitening chemicals and the IPL gadget is placed. I took a deep breath and relax while the dermatologist do their work. After an hour of treatment the results were surprising! my underarm looks clean and smooth than before! I love it! <3

My dermatologist also told me to continue with the whitening and IPL until it becomes more permanent. the IPL treatment is also permanent, and i don’t have to worry on the ingrown hair soon.

I’m satisfied with the results and with my voucher purchase at Metrodeal, Now I’m a huge fan!

13 Apr 2013
The business economy today has lots of people be wary on their alloted budgets. Although it may take time to get rid of monetary matters, money can still be saved in subtle ways. Discount coupons are a great way to save big bucks. The tips following can help you learn about the best way to use discount coupons and how they can help you.

  • Don't get carried away by greed when you are buying discount coupons. Only buy the things that you can adequately use. If you do not think you can use a coupon in time, or use the deal being bought, you should either give the voucher that you bought online or simply not use it.
  • Sign up on their newsletter that lists deals. There are many online deal forums which regularly post freshly posted coupons and promotions that are up online. Not only can you print the coupons, you can also get feedback on how well the online vouchers worked and whether or not it is a real deal.
  • One great tool for coupon organization is the list down all the vouchers that you've bought online on discount coupon sites like MetroDeal. These list can be a great way to track down all the deals that you have bought on their website, so your online coupons will be easy to see, locate and organize. Expiration dates can be viewed in the voucher itself. It can be easily seen, so you will not have any problems using them with you when you want to use them.
  • Try to make extra space for saving the discount coupons that you bought online in a clean folder so that you can get the most out of coupon buying. A 75% discount means that you want to save up as many of them as you can, so have some storage set aside for the online coupons.
  • Use the Internet as a resource to find discount vouchers online. The Internet will give you access to some of the discount coupon sites like MetroDeal where you can buy discount vouchers and print them right on your printer at home or at the office. Most discount voucher sites will allow you to buy discount coupons and print several vouchers from their website. These can be used just like any of the discount vouchers you find in other websites.
  • Don't get carried away by greed when you are buying discount vouchers. Only buy the amount that you can adequately use. If you do not think you can use a coupon on a specific time, or use the deal being bought, you should either give the voucher that you bought online or simply not use it.

An excellent method of saving money while buying online is by using discount vouchers and coupons posted on discount vouchers sites, like MetroDeal. With any luck, this article can help you understand the use of discount coupons and vouchers much better. It isn't hard to find discounted deals for it can be seen when being searched, and it doesn't have to be difficult to put them to use. With little effort you will find that you'll be saving lots of money anytime.

EDIT: For more updates on Metrodeal's promos, download the app here: MetroDeal on IOS

4 Apr 2013
Our Sales Group has reached the annual quota early this year. Our Sales Manager was so content together with the outcomes that he announced we will be going to Baguio for our private Christmas Party.

It is not my initially time in Baguio. In truth, I’ve been there for a minimum of 7 instances due to the fact I was a kid that’s why the manager gave me the activity of searching for an cost-effective accommodation for the whole team using a P20,000 price range. With 15 individuals in our team and our manager’s wife, I need to come across a hotel or a villa which will match all of us below a single roof!

My prayers had been answered when I discovered Casa Anna within the Metrodeal internet site. It was exactly what our group needed for the trip. The nation property is 3 storeys higher with five bedrooms that will accommodate 3-5 persons per area, based on its overall size plus the number of beds in it. I promptly sent the link to the Metrodeal voucher to our manager and got his approval.

For the subsequent 3 days and two nights, I became an impromptu tour guide for our group as we went by way of the well-known tourist spots just like the Mines View Park, Strawberry Farm, Burnham Park, Baguio Botanical Garden, the Philippine Military Academy, and many far more. It was wonderful that we had our personal vehicle with us when we go around. We did, having said that, got lost around thrice in going back to our lodging considering the fact that we were unfamiliar together with the roads. However it seriously helped that Casa Anna is located within walking distance to Camp John Hay because all we have to ask is definitely the strategy to the renowned CJH and they’ll direct us there.

But its not just location that added to Casa Anna’s charm. It was also roomy and private, unlike inside a hotel where it is cramped and also you get to hear your next door neighbor. The warm and cozy atmosphere of the entire property tends to make you think that you might be staying inside your personal vacation residence in Baguio as opposed to renting 1. And it wasn’t just me... All my other teammates specially our Sales Manager was actually impressed with my option of accommodation.

I’d advise Casa Anna to anybody who plans to go to Baguio and would prefer to possess a private property to their very own.

30 Mar 2013
Now I know why Palawan was named the “Final Frontier”.

It was our initially out-of-town trip because me and my fiance got engaged and we’re definitely excited simply because El Nido has been our dream trip spot ever considering the fact that. To prepare for the trip, we researched on a number of options, from airfare to travel agencies, and so on. Ultimately, we saw the El Nido Adventure deal in the MetroDeal website. In comparison to other prices, their package included the airfare as well because the accommodation and food. Island hopping tour was also incorporated. We decided to have this deal considering the fact that it costs significantly less (concerning the half of your usual package prices).

The trip from Manila to El Nido took about six hours and we have been so tired that we stayed the rest of your day at Casa Cecilia Hotel. It wasn’t long until we located out that tours in El Nido is “all water”. On our second day, we headed to the beach for our island hopping tour. There are 4 regular tours, each focusing on a different set of islands, beaches, lagoons, and so forth. Our guide recommended that we take Tour A since this really is the most preferred specially to snorkelers. And I soon realized why.

Our initially quit was the Major and Little lagoons located in Miniloc Island. There have been a whole lot of corals and fishes that its suggested to put on swimming shoes. But it's important to be cautious and tolerable, because the fishes in the Modest lagoon like to bite at guests to protect their homes. We also saw quite a few sea urchins close to the shore in the Significant lagoon.

Immediately after these two lagoons, we headed for the Secret Lagoon. What makes it intriguing is that to enter the lagoon, you should squeeze through a small hole on the mountain. The hole is major adequate for one individual and there is certainly hardly any space to move in for those who choose to go backwards, so the only way in and out of it truly is to offer method to each other. It was practically noon so it was rather crowded inside currently. We only stayed lengthy adequate to take some photographs with the underwater life and headed for the Shimizu Island.

We had our lunch on Shimizu Island. The boatman was in charge of preparing it and I was impressed at how delicious the meals was cooked. We also had fresh coconut juice to drink it all down.

Our last cease was the Seven Commandos Island. We snorkeled for the final time and had a few rounds at beach volleyball just before calling it per day.

We seriously had a good deal of entertaining in El Nido even though there were a great deal of tourists. I suggest that you go there when its not in peak season to become able to take pleasure in a lot more in the scenery without the need of feeling too pressured to move on. And to save on your costs, it helps to study on bargains like the 1 we found on .

Next time, we’ll try out the other Island Hopping Tours. Till we meet again, El Nido!

26 Mar 2013

As their summer time trip officially started last Saturday, we decided its about time we make use from the MetroDeal voucher we availed last year. It was for an overnight keep in the Canyon Woods in Batangas which I got for P2,999. I originally wanted this to be our Valentine's Day getaway together with the kids. Unfortunately, I had to be at a meeting in Tagaytay through that weekend and I won't be able to join them so we chose to cancel it. This time about though, our weekends had been free of charge, and because school is now out, the youngsters have all of the time for you to appreciate devoid of considering schoolwork.

I've by no means been to Canyon Woods just before, and I heard mixed evaluations for it on numerous blogs here within the Web. But right after reading a evaluation from my former workplace mate and consulting my husband, I decided to offer it a go. And I'm glad that we did.

The first thing we noticed was how beautiful it was. The spot was covered with lush greenery in the kind of trees, vines, and flowering shrubs. That afternoon, we decided to take a dip at their pool. Even though it was a weekend, there were hardly visitors around so it truly felt like we had the whole resort exclusively to ourselves.

Following the pool, we decided to order dinner by space service. Given that there was only one shuttle going around the resort, we had currently anticipated the meals to run a bit late. It was a fantastic issue we had ordered early too, since by the time the meals arrived, we have been already hungry.

Early within the morning, even though the kids have been nonetheless asleep,we decided to perform a little of brisk walking while searching around the perimeter. We discovered out that there have been still lots a lot more to see and explore in Canyon Woods but sadly, we did not have that much time. As our shuttle service came to take us away, I take 1 final appear at Canyon Woods. I'd certainly go back here.

This was a single MetroDeal experience I will never overlook.

13 Mar 2013

Chocolate utilised to become exclusively under the food category. We eat chocolate to really feel fantastic. We add it to our recipes to provide it a distinct flavor. Chocolate is also incorporated in beauty items as an eye-catching scent in lotions and creams.But not too long ago, chocolate has discovered new use inside the beauty category due to spas. Chocolate just isn't just included within the therapy as a scent, but as a principal ingredient itself.

Why chocolate? Chocolate contains theobromine, that is believed to make a slimming effect on the body. This is why spa remedies that use chocolate is often sought immediately after by individuals who would like to shed some weight. Chocolate also has other minerals that offers off a calming effect to the physique and minimize pressure.

I’ve study about chocolate becoming made use of in physique scrubs and foot spas before, but I haven’t heard of a nearby shop that offers this service. Immediately after searching the net, I saw this present to get a Footilicious Chocolate Foot Spa at F Salon in MetroDeal. Apart from the use of chocolate inside the foot spa therapy, what convinced me most was the cost. For this deal, I only paid Php 99, which is lower in comparison with the typical Foot Spa prices of neighborhood salons which begin at Php 120.

Following presenting my MetroDeal voucher, I was result in my chair and asked to wait for my attendant as they prepare for my foot spa. I didn’t have to wait extended till the smell of chocolate started to drift in to the space. I could hardly tell which with the creams and powders applied to my feet had been actually chocolate except for the scrub and also the chocolate foot mask, which definitely looked and smelled strongly of chocolate.

The remedy had left my feet feeling light and smelling of chocolate. It’s such a shame that I didn’t get more for the reason that I’d absolutely want to go back and possess the same remedy subsequent month.

9 Mar 2013

My boyfriend and I planned to visit Boracay to celebrate our 3rd anniversary. We have not made any final plans however when my officemate sent me this MetroDeal hyperlink to a voucher to get a hotel in Boracay. The voucher was actually convincing since for three days and 2 nights in La Oviedo Beach Resort, we'll only invest P1,800 for the whole package as opposed to P3,600.

I passed the e mail to my boyfriend and asked his opinion on it. I told him that I looked up the resort and discovered various evaluations about it, both superior and negative. He has been in search of accomodations in Boracay as well, and told me that the MetroDeal voucher was the cheapest one there is certainly. He also told me that even though there may perhaps be negative evaluations, the resort could have improved because the overview was written, so we should not judge it ahead of we're even there.

With his consent, I purchased the Metro Deal voucher and booked our arrival final January. Since you will find countless resorts in Boracay, we had a bit of difficulty finding there. By the time we finished fixing altering our garments and fixing our luggage, the sun was currently about to set. We know from hearsay that life in Boracay starts at evening. We each decided to go the beach location where we believe the activities are at.

The hotel wasn't precisely positioned in front in the beach but we did not mind walking towards the shore area. We spent the rest with the night bar hopping and dancing that when we woke up within the hotel the following morning, it was just about noon. Considering the fact that we brought our personal meals prior to going there, we agreed to ask the hotel's permission to utilize their kitchen. The receptionist then referred to as certainly one of the employees to take us towards the kitchen and help us. When we returned to the beach a lot earlier that afternoon, we caught sight of quite a few men and women para sailing or kite boarding. My boyfriend wanted to attempt it but I was scared of heights thats why we attempted out the other water sports rather.

My boyfriend was correct about finding the Metro Deal vouchers and staying in La Oviedo. Possibly subsequent year we'll come back to Bora and remain there once again.

6 Mar 2013
Mom and Tita happen to be coloring their hair for so long as I can don't forget. The only time that they stopped was when Tita got an allergy attack when she colored her hair applying an over-the-counter hair dye. But I do not feel that they’d truly definitely cease as long as they will see their hair turn gray.

I decided to provide them a treat and purchased two vouchers from Metro Deal to get a permanent hair color remedy at David’s Salon. They weren’t quite delighted about it at first and wouldn't be convinced until we were actually at the salon and that they accepted the vouchers.

Together with the vouchers in hand, we drove to David’s Salon at Wilsons in San Juan. I got myself a hair spa although the two had their hair colour completed. Mom chose to have her hair colored in black as usual, but my Tita, feeling adventurous, chose something of a dark copper shade that the stylist agreed would fit nicely with her complexion and face shape.

The entire process most likely took us about an hour (I hardly took note of the time). They still weren’t finished by the time my treatment was completed and I had to wait just a little longer. The staff informed me that they are possessing their massages accomplished and can be out in a few minutes.

I was rather surprised with all the results that I believed I was looking at a diverse individual once they came out. With their hair colored and shiny, the two looked like a couple of years younger.

Now they retain bugging me to verify the MetroDeal web site each day just to see in the event the David’s Salon deal is up once again. I guess that can not be helped. They had been seriously delighted with the result in the remedy as well as the added relaxing massage just after. But I’m taking a look at other bargains I assume they’d delight in too. There are actually a whole great deal of vouchers and merchants at MetroDeal that I know they’d also like to attempt.

6 Mar 2013
For the previous two years, MetroDeal has been helping me find out areas I haven't gone to, solutions I haven't tried, and solutions I have not knowledgeable. It's generally been an exciting adventure for me whenever I redeem the voucher because I never seriously know what to anticipate. Although MetroDeal constantly tends to make certain to acquire bargains from known brands, sometimes I surprise myself by having a deal that I do not know primarily mainly because I'm not acquainted with the place or place on the merchant's establishment. And Luxent Hotel falls under that category.

I've to admit I haven't heard of Luxent Hotel before MetroDeal merely because I haven't been substantially in Timog Ave. in Quezon City. However it was clear that the people today around there know as they quickly gave me directions on the way to get there.

I don't commonly avail the eat-all-you-can buffets inside hotels since it's also high priced. In some cases even thrice the price provided in buffet restaurants. I was also scared that the meals could not taste fantastic as most foods in a buffet go.

But all my hesitation went away as I stepped into the buffet location.

The initial factor that caught my consideration was the Sushi and Sashimi Table. There have been sushi's and maki's of each and every flavor and color that I hardly remembered their names and just dumped them all onto my plate. The salmon and tuna sashimi was fresh and scrumptious that I ate them with no bothering to dip them into the sauce. The sushi platter alone was sufficient to satisfy my hunger, but there are actually nevertheless far more food I'd like to attempt. You will find a wide variety of dishes originating from various parts in the globe. I had to go back several trips simply to sample every of them!

Guess how much I spent on all the things? Roughly Php 800. The MetroDeal voucher was for Php 599, as well as the remaining Php 201 was spent for my commute from my place to the hotel. This has always been my favourite part with regards to MetroDeal: any time you discover just how much you have saved just by availing their vouchers. For this deal alone, I already saved 40%, although bargains can go as low as 95% off. So the following time you are feeling adventurous, head off to MetroDeal's web-site and get any in the vouchers there. And like me, you simply may learn the right deal you'e been on the lookout for.

27 Feb 2013
Mom's birthday was in two weeks and I nevertheless had no idea what to get her. My siblings will likely get a book from her favorite author or prepare her favorite foods. I wanted my present to be distinct from all of them. I was considering of a present that could remind her not just of me, but of my siblings and also the rest on the household as well. Anything she can normally look back. Something with images... of us when we had been babies and as we have been increasing up. Something like... a photo book!

Photobooks are like an evolved version on the old photo albums. Traditionally, you have the pictures from film printed on photopaper then stick it inside the photo album. With photobooks, digital version on the images are collected and printed on person pages, that will be later bound in a book. Anything from the layout as much as the design and style of every page may be customized, and all of those will likely be performed digitally on a laptop or computer. No extra buying scrapbook components or having your fingers burned using the glue gun. As well as the final product? A one of a kind storybook filled with clear photos and vivid memories. Ideal gift thought.

I grabbed the MetroDeal voucher which entitled me to a 75% discount off to get a 40-page photobook and downloaded the Photobook Designer. Now all I have to accomplish is place the photos in. That is where the majority of the grunt operate happened. Most of our childhood photos have been taken on film, so I had to discover, scan, and edit each one particular individually. Discovering them was a bit uncomplicated because Mom kept them in photo albums. It was the editing that had me up all night. Within the end even though, my laziness kicked in, so as an alternative to enhancing our old images, I just turned them all to sepia and threw them inside the layout. Piece of tips: strategy ahead what photographs you need to put in and at exactly what web page you envision it to become. Saves a complete large amount of time. Also, preparing ahead guarantees that you don't overpopulate the photobook (guilty). I had to remind myself that I only availed for the 40-page photobook when choosing out which photographs and/or pages to take away.

Immediately after that, I clicked checkout, place my MetroDeal voucher code in, and... boom! Transaction full!

And 5 days later, right here it's! Mom's photobook featuring her photographs as a teenager, her wedding picture, and needless to say, before and following photographs of me and my siblings! It was only halfway through the wrapping process that I realized I wasn't able to take a image of it very first. I will just take pictures of it after I give it to Mom.

So should you were as stumped as I was on what to give your mom for her birthday, Mother's day, or any other specific occasion, try giving a photobook. It's a personal and unique present that you can afford.

22 Feb 2013
I've often experienced issues with pimples due to the fact I've strike puberty. And things only obtained worst once i got transferred to the evening change at function. Each day I've to be sure I put on make-up in order that individuals usually do not see the blemishes on my encounter.

It's no shock why I envy my other woman office mates who've clean and blemish totally free faces they barely need to have any make-up in the slightest degree. One of my office mates noticed how much makeup I apply on my confront and she or he discovered about my mystery. She explained to me that there's definitely nothing to worry about, considering that acne breakouts troubles are mostly as a result of changing hormone levels in women. She stated that ahead of, she had the identical skin issues as I do, but right after many classes of Diamond Peel Facials backed with some natural beauty merchandise, she regained the distinct skin she had ahead of.

I read about facials prior to, but I had no notion that this could support distinct up my pores and skin. She recommended that i attempt the Diamond Peel facial at Rederm Clinic where she consistently gets her treatments.

So 1 time she went for her treatment, I went along with her. But following I noticed the value and learned how many classes I could need to obvious my facial area, I backed out. I decided to verify out other derm clinics close by but the costs were fairly the same. My price range was pretty limited and that i cannot afford to pay for greater than one particular session.

But as we have been about to depart, I observed the other consumer introduced a chunk of paper towards the counter collectively together with her ID, then later on, she was escorted within the clinic. I glanced the paper and observed that it absolutely was a voucher for that clinic. I couldn't think it when i observed that she experienced saved about 50% just by utilizing it. I quickly requested the employees where I could receive the stated voucher and he or she told me about MetroDeal.

I required to learn more about how I can get the voucher so I went on the internet and searched for MetroDeal. To my luck, they'd vouchers for Rederm Clinic's Diamond Peel facial, and for less than P199 per session! Now that's a deal I am able to pay for, even as much as 10 sessions!

I've currently began my facial sessions this late January and I'll be obtaining my 3rd session this coming March. I am able to currently feel the changes coming right now. Final time I checked, MetroDeal even have other elegance deals up for grabs. Your favored splendor clinic may possibly be the 1 running the promo and that means you better check it out and save around the bargains like me.

21 Feb 2013
We typically visit Cebu to commit the holidays with my dad and this Christmas was not going to be any distinct. The little ones just like spending time with our relatives which can be ordinarily carried out around the beach. But while I was browsing my e mail I saw this exclusive deal from MetroDeal and believed perhaps its about time we changed our usual holiday itenerary.

The deal was for a 3-day, 2-nights keep within the Crown Regency Hotel and Resort. How much? Only Php6,999 for two persons! The most effective point about it was that youngsters 12 years old and beneath get in absolutely free! I was afraid that we have to leave them at dad's residence with their cousins!

We departed for Cebu a week ahead of Christmas and my dad picked us up from the airport. We headed straight towards the hotel exactly where the little ones went crazy hunting around and touching every little thing. It was their 1st time for you to be within a hotel soon after all. What got them even more pumped up was the SkyWalk and Edge Coaster in the 38th floor. I honestly did not want the kids trying out the Sky Expertise Adventure but my husband insisted and even offered to accompany them. I agreed, only mainly because he was paying for it. The deal basically consists of a single round of Sky Stroll or Edge Coaster for two individuals, but given that the kids had been too brief for the Edge Coaster, the employees recommended that they take the Sky Walk instead. Scared as I was, I didn't let them have each of the exciting. Dad and I took the Edge Coaster. At first I was truly scared as they started to reduce one particular end with the seat until we are diagonally inclined. But because the ride went on I started to appreciate the view additional and much more that when we completed, I was in fact considering of riding it once more.

Soon after all that activity, the youngsters had been of course, hungry. The deal included a Dinner Buffet and also the children enjoyed obtaining to choose out their very own meals and consuming them. Unlike some buffet restaurants we've been to before, the meals in the Crown Regency was great! I could hardly think that my youngest daughter, who's a picky eater, even asked for seconds!

They had so much exciting on the first day that by the time we got back to our area they barely had any power left. All three fell asleep inside the middle of watching cartoons on Tv.

For our second day, we decided not to deviate our annual tradition and went towards the 17th floor for a swim. Even though they have been in the pool, me and my eldest daughter went to the spa to get a tiny mom and daughter bonding time. Then within the afternoon, Dad took us to a guitar factory owned by his very best pal. My husband, who is an avid guitar player, got into an thrilling discussion together with the owner about guitars and performed a mini-concert for all of us. The owner had enjoyed the efficiency so much he decided to give the guitar to my husband!

Time flew by so fast that it wasn't long till we realized we had reached the final day of our remain inside the hotel. Actually our practical experience in the Crown Regency was some thing we are going to by no means neglect. Even Dad had complimented me on getting a genuinely wonderful price for the hotel accomodation. I am genuinely glad that I am subscribed to MetroDeal since I've saved quite a bit of money with their exclusive deals. Thank you pretty considerably for this one-of-a kind encounter and more power to MetroDeal!

6 Feb 2013

I’m engaged and getting married on January and I've got a tiny dilemma about my fats. I dreamed of being slim when my bridal gown arrives so I tried several things to reach my goal weight before my wedding. I was aiming 85lbs. before Christmas! I went to the gym twice a week, jog during weekends, undergone after six diet routine and took some slimming pills. Unfortunately, nothing happened. I'm so frustrated then that I wished to take liposuction and go to Belo Medical Clinic until I read this promo from Metrodeal. (

This really is my last and final attempt of getting slimmer, I told myself. I searched for other reviews regarding Metrodeal ( first and that i have discovered very dissimilar sides. Some were good and some were bad. I think how I will possibly have in mind the truth behind this Metrodeal scam if I won’t try it myself. I need to be careful since there are articles originating from some other clients that they weren’t delighted by the assistance and some mentioned it absolutely was a large scam. So luckily, I have tried this inexpensive yet so convincing promo which is Lipo Cavitation Treatment for only P99 rather than P3000, what about that?

I phoned the slimming centre and asked if they are really connected with Metrodeal, then they approved. Meanwhile, I clicked on the “Buy Now” button and called again the slimming centre for reservation. It turned out to be a completely a non-surgical procedure and yes it was done by medical professionals. I had been advised to return for five more sessions for best results. The professional staffs from 808 Derma & Slimming Centre were too accommodating. They helped me understand the procedure these folks were doing inside my body, on what I will keep a healthy life style after the treatment and they also send much positive vibes through and through.

I was happy with my first session. I have to admit, visiting the slimming centre was indeed my last and final attempt of getting slimmer because after the 5th session, I reached the extra weight I was aiming. Totally, Personally i think awesome! Have a look at my before and after photo, you can really start to see the difference and exactly how much I have changed. I've finally gained back my confidence and I am really contented of my body at this time. On January, I will be a contented, sexy and delightful bride, definitely! Because of Metrodeal ( and 808 Derma & Slimming Centre!

4 Feb 2013

I'm a marketing officer of an American company in Ortigas, another part time baker on weekends, I accept orders for fondant cakes and cupcakes for several occasions and i'm a full time mom for my 2 kids. With my hectic schedule, I'm having a difficult time dealing with my loved ones. It’s my wish to have time for my children, and i also wanted to experience a simple vacation in my Birthday. It wasn’t so easy to organize a Birthday celebration for myself. However I wanted to celebrate it with my children and then we could at least bond for a long time and indulge ourselves on the luxury we deserve.

I've decided to book a resort in the beautiful place in Batangas called, Puntha Fuego. My loved ones, together with my parents and my younger sister, enjoyed our stop at Club Puntha Fuego last November 26-28. We'd so much fun and we were pleased with the rooms along with the hotel’s services and facilities. I knew we’ll planning to enjoy every minute of our trip. Because of Metrodeal (, they have provided me hot deals about this Puntha Fuego getaway!

It wasn’t that hard to avail vouchers, in fact it was one click away.

I simply need to call and confirm Indochina Strings Travel Agency at 462-6000. I asked if they're actually accepting vouchers from Metrodeal (, and they confirmed. I simply press the “Buy Now” button and purchased 7 vouchers for my family. It only costs P10,493 instead of P30,800! Imagine the awesome discount we received!

Here's where we stop at Puntha Fuego!

We enjoyed the reduced price of massage services. They gave us a sweet amount of 15% discount on massages. My parents and I tried the most common “Hilot” massage. It was divine! I was so lucky and contented of the place as well as the services Puntha Fuego has offered us. Our stay was memorable and the kids truly had fun in the beach along with the swimming pool in the resort. It was an outstanding holiday for us! I am so happy We've allotted time on preparing such simple yet memorable and affordable Birthday treat to myself! Thanks MetroDeal! (

31 Jan 2013

Me and my best buddy were considering of a getaway that will take us away from busy and toxic city of Manila. We planned to relax and at the same time have some fun. We are living down south and we don’t need to travel that long, and we all were thinking-where will we get the getaway i was wishing for? And so last fourteen days ago, Wednesday, our shifts ended at 6 in the morning, we did our usual thing. Met up at the office lobby, smoke down stairs with a lot of of our team mates, and lastly went home to find our apartment. Although it was my turn to get ready for our breakfast (in other words it was intended to be our dinner), she was too busy browsing and about to book tickets at Cebu Pacific Air. All the whileIn the mean time, she changed her mind and screamed like hell for she discovered this convincing site called, Metrodeal (

I checked on the site too and that i told her to read some reviews first before availing the vouchers. We had doubts though. We've got to read two bad reviews about the site but even as we looked for more we found enough excellent reviews about Metrodeal (, and then we do it now. We chose this 2-Day/1-Night Stay at Tagaytay Residence Inn for 2 Persons with Paradizoo Farm tour & Zipline Ride only for P1990. The main price was P4500, how about that? We called Indochina Strings at 846-2749 for reservations and we were booked! I was too excited for the trip!

After 5 days of working straight, we’re away and off to our most awaited trip!

We took a cab going to Tagaytay so we checked in to the hotel. The hotel’s ambiance was too cozy, very relaxing and staffs were so accommodating. We experienced the famous Zipline as well as a tour at Paradizoo Farm. Such a wonderful experience! We actually had fun! We'll definitely do this again.

Whether or not this weren’t for Metrodeal (, we wouldn’t be capable of experience this such relaxing and amazing vacation! For just P1990 each we have given ourselves a really soothing and exciting break from tiring life in the city! It'll surely be cherished!

29 Jan 2013

It was an important reunion for us last Monday when my family from the States came here in the Philippines to celebrate my cousin’s wedding! A marriage that is filled with surprises since all parties of the couple are merely from outside the Philippines. 2 days before the wedding, mom, dad and i also fetched the entire clan at NAIA. Yes, it was certainly a clan given it was a big variety of my relatives from the States. Our guests consists of my 4 uncles, 3 aunts, 2 nieces and three nephews plus my grandmom. I know right! These folks were too excited about wedding ceremony! Certainly one of the things they missed about the Philippines will be the cuisine and that i was that ready for that moment .

When my aunt said about their flight date, I immediately purchased vouchers for Dine In to Barrio Fiesta from MetroDeal! Before I was hesitant of availing deals from MetroDeal. It’s kind of scary, but then I tried it once to ascertain if all the bad reviews were true. I prove them wrong! From then on, I usually avail promos and discounts from MetroDeal. I actually purchased a lot from this great site before. They never fail me when it comes to whatever. So I have confidence in them the most. So getting vouchers from them isn’t really necessary however i wonder simply how much can i save if I got to have a rebate from my vouchers.

Grandma will really enjoy it definitely. Everyone knows that Barrio Fiesta offers traditional Pinoy dishes and will also work best with our dear guests! They trully missed the Filipino food while they stayed in america for six years already, many of them were already citizens. So yea, I’m convinced they’ll take pleasure in the lunch that Barrio Fiesta offers us.

The vouchers contain 2 each of whole fried chicken, paella rice with crab, squid, shrimps, and mussels plus a soda. A voucher costs only Php490 as opposed to Php1005. I saved 56%, that is amazing! Though we still need to get more food like Crispy Pata, Crispy Kangkong, Kilawin Tanigue, Green Mango with Bagoong, Seafood Kare-Kare, and Steamed Lapu-Lapu. It turned out to be indeed a hell of a lunch!

You can’t ever fail with Barrio Fiesta in relation to Filipino dishes. The good ambiance from the restaurant helped to make our experience superb! It was a pleasant lunch for my balikbayan family. They loved the service so much and the foods served were divine! Special because of my voucher from Metrodeal (, it helped me save a bit and it was all good! Here are the meal we love and ate!
Crispy Pata

Green Mango with Bagoong

Seafood Kare-Kare

26 Jan 2013

It wasn’t so easy to believe but hey, I’ve tried it so often!

I gave birth to a 7.2 bouncing baby boy last August 2011. Can you think of how much I gained weight? From 83lbs before the baby, I gained 50lbs more. After 3 months, I tried to jog around our village. I could say it helped a little bit but I was thinking i’ll eat most of my own time ever since i am working fulltime at Makati. I’ve tried so many slimming pills, but I failed! Meanwhile my husband said about this MetroDeal Metrodeal Reviews. I heard some bad reviews concerning this site before. It’s type of scary though, however how would I know whether or not this’ are the real deal if I won’t do it myself. I searched for the right and good promo for a number of hours, and after that I stumbled upon this deal:

What can you say? It is a perfect deal for me personally! With my figure then, the dermatologist guessed I’ll need a minimum of 5 sessions just to reach my preferred weight. A normal session prolongs till 10-12 sessions, however I wasn’t that obese to have that procedure, so 5 sessions would do. I never thought it’ll be that easy to shed weight. I mean, naturally it might take mile after mile to jog, countless months of getting a healthy diet, no cheat day, countless pills to consider before reaching your desired body. But here I am, in my last and final session. Because of MetroDeal for granting my need to be realized! My money didn’t get wasted - at all!

I acquired 1 voucher first to give it a shot, it costs Php300 only. I went over to the closest branch while i phoned the clinic for reservations. My first session went successful and so i decided to purchase 4 more deals to complete my entire sessions. My big problem was my abdomen, I sort of having difficulty and was pondering on the inability wear my two piece swimwear again during summertime.

2nd Floor SM City Cebu Northwing,
North Reclamation Area, Cebu City
Tel. No. (032)268-8140

The staff were helpful and I was excited to pass through the therapy. Thankfully, with better technology I had to experience this non-surgical lipo-sculpting, also referred to as ultra cavitations. I only felt the warmth as my body moulds toward my dream figure. With my second session, I noticed already great results the fats from my abdomen were becoming slimmer and slimmer! I was too happy with the effect!

I did the right choice - that is to test MetroDeal for me to actually experience what it really offers. I will be one lucky sexy healthy woman with a dreadful twelve months old son! Yay!

23 Jan 2013

It was our Anniversary a few weeks ago while I was thinking of what to give as a gift for my hubby. I don’t want to spend on anything that is way too extravagant. I was thinking of a thing that we can both enjoy. We're both workaholic and now we don’t have so much time and energy to travel and dine on fancy restaurants so I was browsing through the net, I arrive at this promising website, Metrodeal. (;lan=1)

I was engrossed with their promos and convincing deals. I tried purchasing for Rejuvenating Facial Diamond Peel Treatment at Surgilight Laser Skin Aesthetic Center that amounted to Php149 instead of Php1000. Sweet deal! So I used my Visa card to acquire two vouchers from MetroDeal ( Imagine how much I’ve saved with this particular promo, almost 75%. What a great treat! Another nice thing about this promo is because they have a lot of branches available. You can choose your best location nearest your place. I immediately called the branch from Robinsons Galleria and called for reservations. The person whom I spoke to was very accommodating she even explained to me the process of the Rejuvenating facial Diamond Peel will likely be, as my spouse and i were first timers for this type of experience.

The clinic has luxurious facilities. The surroundings help make us feel much more comfortable and relaxed. The procedure go on for 45 mins. It made my face feel silky and rejuvenated by sloughing off layers of dead skin cells by making use of the machine utilizing the effectiveness of natural diamonds to comfortably banish bad skin particles leaving my face fresh and naturally beautiful. This process lightens my scars, wrinkles and sun damaged skin. I wasI became totally satisfied! It ended very well and keeps my skin glowing and acne free.

I looked to my hubby and asked how he was doing with all the treatment so far, he definitely liked it and for the first time I was surprised that he liked having treatments with me in the mean time. He never tried spa or facial treatments before. He thinks this can be too girly for him. He realized it was so relaxing and made his face naturally vibrant and young!

I must say it was a wonderful experience for me and my husband. Thank goodness We've used it. To start with I was somewhat hesitant for I always read some bad reviews about this type of sites. We will definitely go back and try other services, of course involving Metrodeal ( promos even without a special event! With great promos, you don't need to plan for overgenerous present for your beloved!

21 Jan 2013

It’s hard for me to think of things to give as a gift for my little boy this Christmas. He wants another gadget that I think is too expensive! I’ve been having difficulty sleeping these past few nights for he was asking Santa to present him an Android Pc Tablet this Christmas. I wasn’t aware what was it, for those I knew, it turned out to be a gadget. My 10-year sold son is obviously into gadgets. He already has a number of gadgets like PS3, PSP, an apple iphone 3Gs, and Wii that he barely uses.

I searched Android Tablet online and I was shocked after i learned how much it worth. Ever Since I wished to give my son’s request, and he has been so nice this year anf the husband has a's and b's from his school, I believe he deserves this Android Tablet PC this Christmas. I needed to proceed through Ebay, TipidPc, and MetroDeal (Click here for more Metrodeal Information) for a lot of appealing promos and so i won’t let my wallet to accept the burden. I used to be scary at first this could be my very first time to give it a try. All of the coupons and vouchers made many people dismay after availing such. But how can I understand the truth behind each one of these scams and reviews? I need to discover myself! After several browsing I finally made a choice, a good one, definitely!

A great present for the romance of my life this Christmas!

A 50% discount! What a relief! As soon as I stumble upon this deal, I grabbed my phone and called the company. I was very fortunate indeed! A number of people have bought from them. Soon the item will probably be out of stock! I requested also to enable them to provide the gadget at our house on Tuesday so my son won’t manage to find it. I would like it to be a major surprise. They actually delivered it to me by the said date! No hassle! Their service was quick and i'm so satisfied with the item they’ve sent me.

Here’s the actual item I managed to get from MetroDeal (More Metrodeal Info)

On Christmas day, as our tradition, my family will likely be gathered on 12 midnight having Noche Buena, after that we'll get all of the gifts underneath the Christmas tree. Each of us gets a gift, my husband and I tried to at least let my son feel Santa really exist. There’s no harm in it though. He’ll definitely think Santa is that rich as he gets his most requested tech gadget this month! I like my son so much as I love how MetroDeal (more reviews here at makes it easy for me to spoil him. Excited to see the pleasure on my son’s eyes this Christmas after removing the gift wrapper from his presents under the tree!

16 Jan 2013

Being a “corporate slave” can be good, or a bad thing. Good, because I tend to have my regular salary every a fortnight, and it's really a a dangerous thing for it stresses me out. I hate the truth that work needs a lot on me lately and I'm in dire need of a vacation.

Another perks for being a “corporate slave” is to have access to get a paid vacation. It has been quite some time that we be able to spend a few days outside the city and just take advantage of the rustic countryside, in a secluded province, mountain highlands or in a laid-back beach. And I'm eyeing on having a vacation in one of the well-known beaches on earth - Boracay!

It's pristine beaches, slow paced life and colorful ambiance makes Boracay the right destination for the vacation. But it is sometimes known for its expensive beachfront hotels that suits the foreign and local beach bums. I'm happy that we found this excellent travel deal from MetroDeal ( - 3-days/2nights vacation in Boracay, complete with airfare!

I enjoy this deal above all else. I have been previously in Boracay couple of times and stayed in the La Carmela de Boracay, one of several beachfront hotels situated in Boracay's Station 2. the said Boracay station in 2 is often a haven for aqua sports enthusiasts featuring its multitude of activities such as parasailing, kiteboarding and wind surfing, ideal for me and for my enthusiastic friend who're into extreme sports! And also the said deal is great, for it is only 5,799 pesos instead of 12,000 pesos, now that's over half the value!

While I availed on the voucher, I immediately called the travel agent for reservations and since airfare is included in the offer, we never had any problems in booking for the flight. The process went smooth along with the people in the travel agency and from Metrodeal (;lan=1) were helpful and accommodating, everything went well for me and for my buddy. I really like exactly what we get to savor the break at the fraction of the cost.

I've no complains overall with my travel purchase in MetroDeal. Unlike what others has stated, Metrodeal's offers are fast and affordable. Other folks may said that it is a scam site, however in truth it wasn't. I'm glad their deals were simply so good to be true.

Overall, I'm happy and contended with Metrodeal ( has offered while using said travel deal. Will definitely looking forward to have this deal again!  

15 Jan 2013

Work has given me lots of stress lately and my figure should cool down and relax. As I arrive home, all I need to do is always to crawl up to bed and sleep, and wake up early to go to work. The endless cycle goes on and on and it is making me crazy over time.

My friends and colleagues from work always tell me to give myself time to pamper myself when you go to a spa so as to keep my head faraway from work. They helped me filled for the vacation leave (i'm not used to leave to work for a holiday, with the exception of emergency cases) and looked for affordable spa deals here and online.

It is a good thing that we stumbled to MetroDeal (, one of many well-known discount voucher sites throughout the Metro. They offer great selections of spa deals that I am searching for, and they are available in a very low price. And it's a surprise that there's this one available spa deal that is available near our area.

Sotharo Hair and Nail expert Spa is simply few blocks from our place, and also the voucher from MetroDeal ( makes it simpler for me. Rather than paying 600 pesos, I can have the 60-Minute Whole Body Massage with Pedicure or Manicure for 149 pesos, now that's fantastic! That's 75% discount from the original price.

I never had any problems buying the voucher from MetroDeal. They feature convenient payment schemes and i also love that they had plenty of deals to pick from. This is why I count on their choices for MetroDeal's vouchers are much less expensive than from other group buying sites. And I Also can tell that everything went well smoothly when i purchase the vouchers from them.

I went to the Sotharo Salon and Spa once i made my reservations that i'm glad that the employees are accomodating and friendly. The place is clean and relaxing, and the massage has sent me to bliss! The 60-minute massage has recharged me to the whole. And in addition, the pedicure that I availed that's a welcome addition on the deal has make my feet smiling and happy. I'm happy and contented with the deal that's exclusively provided by Metrodeal.

I'm thankful that Metrodeal ( helps me not just with all the vast choices of deals and also on the money which i save on purchasing them. For sure I shall be coming back for more deals soon!  

14 Jan 2013

I love to wear sleeveless shirts and dresses for I always feel fresh when wearing one. But I always feel ashamed to wear one due to my dark, hairy underarms. It was like a curse for me, for I have to wear shirts and dresses with sleeves to be able to feel ok.

I have been looking for alternative solutions as a way to whiten my underarms. I've spent so much on anything - scrubs, whitening gels, loofahs, deodorants and even using citrus fruits to scrub on my small precious armpits. And though they are only cheap alternatives to have my underarms whiten, it just doesn’t work for me.

After seeking for much-efficient ways to achieve smooth and white underarms, the very best solution is to have diamond peel and extensive whitening treatment for underarms. It is known to be one of the most feasible solution for stubborn, dark armpits but this solution is known to be expensive. And everywhere I check different facial centers, I can't seem to find cheap and efficient whitening treatments that promises to have beautifully smooth and white armpits.

And after a month's search for facial shops, I came across Face Basics Facial care and Spa. The said establishment is next to our area plus they offer diamond peel and extensive whitening treatment for more smoother and whiter underarms. I'm also glad i saw the spa at MetroDeal (

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That's the reason I got myself 10 vouchers from their store and went to Face Basics Facial care and Spa. All I can say is the fact that everything went smooth - the spa is clean and comfy, the assistants were accomodating and friendly, the employees who did my armpits is helpful as she explained the entire process of the treatment, and i am satisfied with the final results.

Overall, my underarms have become much clean and smooth. I like the complete effect and now I am more confident to raise my hands to show off my porcelain-smooth underarms to all. You can forget shaving, no more plucking, and I am extremely happy for the results.

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12 Jan 2013

Honestly, I'd enough of undergoing hair treatments from different salons. I attempted for the rebonding and relax treatments to be able to have a silky straight hair, even though these treatments makes my hair beautiful, smooth and straight, after a couple of months it became brittle and dry. It absolutely was hard that i can maintain my hair to its gorgeous glory for I need to be presentable at the office, and it is expensive to undergo treatments that can last for very long to be able to have a very beautiful, lovely hair for years.

I realized that in terms of hair treatments, keratin treatments can make my hair soft, smooth and healthy for a long period. The said treatment solutions are also known as a heaven-sent to people who has damaged, treated hair for it is known to regenerate your hair to its gorgeous glory. These types of the lovely effects on damaged hair, this particular treatment is expensive and may take up to a huge number of pesos, depending on the length of the hair.

This is a positive thing that we found this deal from Metrodeal ( an enormous 79% discount on the keratin treatment from David's Salon Wilson branch! Originally priced at 1200 pesos, now you can avail of the truly great hair treatment for only 249 pesos, a great deal indeed! Now I can cut back on having a great hair treatment at half the price.

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When I purchased the Keratin treatment from the group buying site, I called David's salon Wilson branch for reservations to avail on the deal. I'm relieved that they are kind enough to assist me with all the process so that as I went there for the treatment itself, I'm happy that the crew from David's salon Wilson's branch gave me great service that I think I deserve.

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11 Jan 2013

I'd an uncontrollable longing for sweets, and everytime my pals and I went out for supper, we see to it that we went to a nearby bakery or sweets shop to buy a slice of cake or something that will satisfy my sweet tooth.

My guilty pleasure really is determined by my mood, and yes it turns out to be the most expensive one. I always scout for cake shops, cupcake stores, or any store that sells anything sweet and yummy. It absolutely was an everyday food trip with my buddies every other dinner dates and lunch breaks, so far I found one of many well-known cakeshops near our office in Ortigas - Sugar Mommy Delicatessen.

Sugar Mommy Delicatessen offers cakes and food treats for many occasions, and they also offer numerous dishes and desserts that best suited for food lovers and dessert cravers. Situated in the heart of Ortigas Central Business District, the said establishment is offered for everybody.

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